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The first thing you need to know about Urban Photography Art.com is that

"It's not about the camera, it's all about you."
urban photography art

My name is Kate and I am a photographer living in London. One of my greatest passions is urban photography, but I find it hard to find many examples of it specifically highlighted on the web. This is odd considering just how many of us live in an urban setting and how, with the advent of the camera phone, nearly everyone has some sort of camera on them on a daily basis.

Hence this web site.

I created this web site for anyone and everyone, whether professional photographer or amateur snapper.

If you love photography and enjoy exploring the urban spaces of the world as much as I do, then this is the place where you can show off your work and help inspire others.

Things You Can Do and Find on Urban Photography Art.com

There are lots of areas to explore and many things for you to do and contribute to as well as a wide range of informative information related to urban or street photography. Take your time and have a look around!

  • You can add your own photographs of WORLD CITIES to our Cities Gallery.
  • Add your general URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY images and become eligible to be voted PHOTO OF THE WEEK
  • There are lots of Project pages where you can add your photographs such as:
urban photography art

Urban Photography Art.com is all about exploring and experiencing our urban surroundings in a creative and thought provoking way via art photography.

The site will also explore the story behind the photographs, allowing photographers to have a written voice as well as a pictorial one.

What is Art Photography?

My idea of art photography may be very different from yours and that's great, the world would be a very boring place if we all liked the same thing, don't you think?

urban photography art

Anyway photos that fit my idea of urban art photography are those which explore the artistic flair and creative eye of individual photographers, which expresses their vision of the urban landscape, creating pictures with imagination and impact.

I will showcase urban photography that stands out from the crowd hoping that they will inspire, amuse and even comment on how and where we live, providing an insightful and energetic snapshot of life in our urban environments all over the world.

So whether you are a professional photographer, a casual snapper or simply someone with a creative eye, I hope you enjoy the images displayed here and as you explore these pages will want to add your own take on Urban Photography Art with your own photographs and comments.


Urban Photography Gallery - Our Star Photo
See the image voted Photo of the week from our free photography gallery.
Famous Photographers Of Candid And Urban Photography
Look into the lives of famous photographers of urban and street photography and discover their photographic techniques and ideologies.
Travel Photos Of World Cities - Submit Your City Photos
Add to our photo galleries of world cities. Show your travel photos of the cities of the world and share your urban photography tips and techniques with others.
Digital Photography Tips for Urban Photography Art
Find digital photography tips for the urban photographer. From night photography to candid street photography, find tips on how to use your camera to gain the best results.
Photoshop Tips On How To Get the Most From Your Photography Art
Photoshop Tips on how to make the most of your Photographs and use the tools to get great results fast.
Photography Tutorials And Photography Tips On Video
Find video photography Tutorials and Tips on different aspects of photography. These videos range from how to use filters and cropping your images to composition and scale and contrast.
Camera Equipment - Camera Tripods, Camera Lenses, Photo Management And More
Find Out what camera equipment you will need to make the most of your urban photography art and how to look after it once you have it.
Photography Podcasts - Listen to Specially Selected Photo Podcasts
Listen to photography podcasts which we here at urban photography art.com have chosen to highlight and feature on our site.
Photographer Interviews Covering many Aspects Of Photography
Read photographer interviews from image takers from all areas of urban photography, including street photography, documentary photography, candid photography.
Photography Projects To Inspire The Urban Photographer
Explore Urban photography projects and discover how even the most mundane of urban features can be used to create wonderful artistic, inspiring images. Submit your own examples of these various photography projects and share with us your own unique interpretation of them.
People Photography And Street Life
Find out about people photography and all the many different aspects of street life that can include. See how the use of photography art can bring street scenes to life.
Industrial Photography And The Industrial Landscape
Find Industrial photography with a difference. The difference being that it is photographed from the focus that the industrial landscape can be one of hidden beauty and sculptural interest to the creative eye and can be viewed as a photogenic subject in it's own right.
Road Bridges And Urban Photography Art
Use modern and old road bridges and flyovers in Urban Photography to create a vibrant, dynamic photography art. Discover the many ways bridges can be depicted in the urban landscape using photography art techniques.
Urban Decay And City Photography
Find out how others have explored urban decay in their photography art and get inspired. Urban Decay, wrecked cars, abandoned shopping trolleys, all are symptoms of modern day life and seen in our streets daily. What about turning these ugly eyesores into creative and imaginative photography?
Street Photography Art Project
Explore street photography via projects that can be over looked as photographic subjects. Take a look at how other photographers have explored the obvious urban subjects in their work.
Urban Photography Art Link Resources
Link resources page for urban photography art.
Image Gallery - Send Us Your Urban Photography Images
Send your urban photography pictures to our image gallery and be in with a chance to be voted PHOTO OF THE WEEK. You can also comment on others work and be a part of this vibrant photo community
Urban Snapshot
Urban snapshot, a record of daily urban living using a humble camera phone. Discover a daily photo of living life in the urban environement. Photography art the pocket sized way.