Creative Construction Photos
Create Great Photography Art

Making construction photos interesting and eye catching is certainly an art. When you think of a construction site you tend think of dust, noise, pools of muddy water and huge slabs of concrete and metal.

On the surface this is of course true but the construction site can be a fascinating place for a photographer to explore (remember to wear a hard hat and always ask permission where necessary).

I used to always walk by building sites without giving them a second glance, "who would want construction photos anyway apart from people in the industry" I certainly couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hang one on their wall.

So I just didn't bother to look. Then one day in the absence of any other subject and with the abundance of construction sites around I thought I would give it a go and see if I could find a construction image that would inspire.

Guess what, the place was packed with great photographs, I just had to look closer.

Since then I have come across lots of amazing construction photos that could grace the wall of any discerning photography art appreciator. Here are just a few which I hope will inspire you to go and find your own construction images too.

Construction Project Examples

Constrction by Kate Tilmouth

One of my own first. This was taken about a year ago on the south bank of the river Thames. Lots of work is going on all over London and new buildings are popping up everywhere.

The stark vertical lines of the half finished concrete towers worked well with the more crisp vertical lines of the central crane.

I increased the contrast quite a lot and added a little color to tint the overall image to add more of a dramatic affect.

The buildings look like they are being demolished rather than being put up, it had almost the feel of a war zone.

Construction by Decade Null

Construction photos like this one by Decade Null hold constant fascination for me. I can absolutely see why the photographer took this image.

On first glance it is difficult to make out anything at all, it looks like a complete mess; everything is the same color and tone that blends everything together making it difficult to see what is going on.

Then when you look closer you begin to see girders and cranes and the outlines of buildings mid construction.

The angle the photograph was taken adds to its dynamics forcing you to have to tilt your head to focus in on individual areas.

The photograph has a very textural feel to it and I think that this is what makes the picture so eye catching and intriguing.

Constrction Photography by Wools

Workmen are generally rather scruffy individuals and not what you would consider attractive but this photograph taken by Wools not only brings to life the actual action of construction but also introduces you to one of the thousands of anonymous construction workers.

I believe the photograph was taken at nighttime with huge industrial lighting.

The bright light against the dark background has highlighted the figure brilliantly and you can even see some of the dust in the air created by the cutting wheel.

Contruction Photo by Dana Graves

Now for some photography art from a different perspective. Using computer software to invert this image of a plain wire fence with some plastic tape by Dana Graves, has created a totally abstract and eye catching image of a generally mundane aspect of a construction site.

Taking the every day over looked items into a completely other world of color, shape and form.