Famous Photographers
Of Urban And Street Photography

"There are always two people in every picture:
the photographer and the viewer." ~ Ansel Adams

Lives of famous photographers whose main area of interest and expertise was based around street and urban photography can provide an interesting insight into how they thought and viewed photography themselves.

It is always interesting to the modern day photographer to see how successful photographers of the past viewed the techniques of photography and how they approached the world around them at the time. It is fascinating to compare their techniques with today's developing photographic technologies and also how they interacted with their world and how that might be different today.

Photographic techniques and equipment may have changed over the years but the basic process of photography remains the same regarding how we use the view finder to find that perfect shot. Many of the ideas and principles expressed by photographers from the past still hold true today and can even help us discover our own way of seeing and utilizing the art of photography.

This area of the website will grow and expand, not only as I discover more famous photographers within our area of interest, but also as you let me know of your own favorite urban photographers and how they have inspired you in your own work and appreciation.

Famous Photographers

Henri Cartier Bresson Henri Cartier Bresson - Probably the best-known photographer of all time and one that has inspired many over the years. His candid photography, covering many of the peoples of the world, provides a valuable source of information about the lives of everyday individuals during the middle of the 20th century.

His belief that in every scene there is a decisive moment when all aspects of the event come together to tell its story perfectly, led to some memorable and charismatic images. (video of his work included on page)

Robert Frank Robert Frank - Famous for depicting cultural issues in society through the use of candid street photography. His work The Americans placed him firmly as a photographer willing to show life as it really was.

His ability to see the mundane aspects of everyday life as a fascinating insight into the lives of normal people helped to highlight cultural issues of the time. (video of some of "The Americans" photographs included on page)

Paul Strand Wall Street Paul Strand - His work was more abstract in nature than the other urban photographers of his time. He created a lot of gaps and spaces within his images to allow the viewer to contemplate and fill in these gaps themselves.

His work was often taken at unusual angles that separated the image from its original subject and so gave a more non-representational and surreal feel to the overall picture.(video of some of Strands work included on page)

Alvin Langdon Coburn Alvin Langdon Coburn - Coburn was an experimental photographer and enjoyed creating his own printing inks and trying new things out.

His work began as a pictorial record of images with a very painterly feel and then later moved towards more abstract images using experimental techniques.

His use of unusual perspectives removed the horizon from many of his images and so turned everyday urban buildings into a more graphic image, reminiscent of the cubist movement.

Karl Schmolz Karl Hugo Sclmotz - A German born photographer who's work helped to document the rebuilding of Cologne after the second world war and also provided a portfolio of Life in Germany during a 30 year period and so became one of Germany's famous photographers.

During his lifetime Schmolz worked with many important Architects of the time and during his last assignment to photograph the Museum of Ludwig designed by Wilhelm Riphahn, although uncompleted, set the standard for recording this building.

Eugene Atget Eugene Atget - Born In France in 1857 he came to photography late in his career after being an Actor among other careers.

His work was aimed at artists and and the like who used his work as visual aids. His work was predominately a documentary of Paris life through it's buildings, people and detail.

His work has been described as pure photography and was not concerned with the art of photography and as such often contained what some may see as errors such as shadows and vignetting but to collectors who see as the charm of his work.

Famous Photographers - Alfred Stieglitz Alfred Stieglitz - Born in 1864 in New Jersey of German parentage. He is often described as the "father of modern photography".

His creative vision of photography becoming a legitimate art in its own right was his main focus and during his lifetime helped to support and encourage new photographers in new ideas and perspective.

He founded the Photo Secessionists, a group of professional photographers who were widening the scope of photography and became the dominant school of American Photographic thought.


Famous Photographers - Andre Kertesz Andre Kertesz - He exploited the freedom of the new small cameras such as the Leica 35mm camera in his work allowing him to capture candid photographs and a real sense of the times.

He also liked to experiment with distortion and photographic effects and was influential in influencing other soon to be famous photographers such as Robert Capa and Henri Cartier Bresson.

If you have been inspired by another photographers urban photography (remember urban can mean any aspect of photography covering the places we live, such as candid, graffiti, architectural etc.), please use the form to tell us about them.

We will add your contribution to these pages. Your suggestion will be helping to provide a valuable source of motivation and encouragement to other aspiring photographers.

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