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"A good snapshot stops a moment from running away."
Eudora Welty

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Towel and Chair 
Taken at the back alley of a kitchen in Urban Singapore. This photo shows another aspect of a highly urbanize city speeding through modernization. Photo ...

Portsmouth in the Rain 
This was a pic I took using my iPhone4 a few weeks ago, I saw the reflection in the puddle and loved it but the street was to busy to take a photo - I ...

No Parking 
This was taken under a bridge in Newark, New Jersey. I found it an interesting place to post a no parking notice.

Station 101 
This was once a beautiful rail road station in Middletown, New York that turned into a night club and now it's the home for the homeless, hookers and drug ...

A Childs World 
I was walking with my camera in Newburgh, New York and I seen a child with her family holding a baby, I asked her is he yours and she said yes, then I ...

Street Easel 
Interesting seeing artists working in the street. So, I shot this image with the camera hanging on its strap around my neck, and released the shutter while ...

I Can Over See 
I had taken this image on my Canon 450D about a year ago. I pass this place in Edmonton Green every time I go to and from college. The reason for me taking ...

urban destruction 
This is actually a shot of a building that was torn down that stood in front of another office building. The rumble remains from the previous building ...

Image Gallery - Oslo opera house 
The Oslo Opera House (in Norwegian, Operahuset) is the seat of The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, and the national opera theatre in Norway. The building ...

Kodak Park - building 29 
This is an image of Eastman Kodak's Building 29 which houses the huge 14 Room film coating machine. This machine and Building 38 (the building to the ...

Image Gallery - Building 53 
This is an image of the stacks atop Eastman Kodak's Acetate Manufacturing building in Rochester, New York. I took this image with a Pentax K10D camera ...

Street Light 
I took this photo before dawn, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dawn, in February, is around 8:00 am.

New York Central Library 
This is a picture I took while visiting New York. I only had my compact camera with me, which fitted easily in my pocket. I used a Canon IXUS 40 set to ...

I took this image during an afternoon stroll in Edinburgh on the 15th August 2010. I used a nikon (cant remember the make) I'm quite proud of this as ...

hat man Not rated yet
a guy in new York city

street photos Not rated yet
black and white street

Saint Peter Not rated yet
This was taken in Saint Peter's Square (Rome, Italy), you can see this astonishing, worldwide famous building and its square in the sunset (7 pm circa). ...

Morning Not rated yet
Driving through part of Montreal one morning I passed this corner and the light was hitting it just right. I grabbed my camera and fired off three bracketed ...

Tilt shifted Fox Theatre Not rated yet
This is my tilt shift edit of the Fox Theatre in Midtown Atlanta. The Fox is known as one of Atlanta's most famous landmarks.

Living the Edge Not rated yet
Shot using a Nikon D3100 using a standard kit lense. Came across this whilst out at work.

A car in Kintyre Court Not rated yet
Kintyre Court is a run down, Victorian block of flats in South London, long overdue demolition and redeveloping. The modern, expensive, near top-of-the-range ...

Edinburgh city scape Not rated yet
This is a view taken from the wall of the castle, overlooking the city with Hillend ski slope in the background ..

TATTOED BEAUTY Not rated yet
This is a cropped image of a larger sculpture taken in Paris, France. The face is filled with subtlties, especially the sweep of the eyes.

Tattoed Beauty Not rated yet
This is a cropped image of a large sculpture in Paris, France. The face is subtly beautiful. Especially, the eyes.

Urban Meets Countryside Not rated yet
this is a flyover above a canal on the edge of the peak district in the uk

Canal Bridge Not rated yet
Taken in Littleborough its and old canal with modern twist

Milano-Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Not rated yet
I love to lose myself amidst the crowd. Love the slight blur.Well Done Garry

town with red silk Not rated yet
Abyane in Isfahan/Iran

the little bridge Not rated yet
this photo was taken on a normal digital camera while i was walking near dunkled in scotland.

Beos, train station Not rated yet
One of the biggest of jakarta's train stations. This station is building is a relic of the Dutch colonial period.

Sky of the India Not rated yet
I took this picture in India.It was good colors. CANNON 5D MARK2 24~70 Lens

Tulips,Queen Elizabeth Park Not rated yet
A beautiful Tulips

Hope Street Festival Players Not rated yet
Taken on Sony A33 50mm F2.8 1/2000 ISO 100 Hope Street Festival Liverpool United Kingdom 18/09/11

Tulips Not rated yet
It took a picture tulips, Elizabeth park in Vancouver

WATER TOWER Not rated yet
This photo features a watertower situated in the rural city of Wodonga in Victoria Australia. It is now lit up at night and attracts many photographers. ...

Support Not rated yet
Snapped at a local overpass, I was on location taking a few shots of a car my friend just bought and i was more interested in the overpass. here is the ...

case to where?  Not rated yet
An old stair case in a historical building El Paso, TX

Capital Grounds Knockout Not rated yet
This fountain is on the Capital Grounds in Washington, DC. When I saw it I knew this would be a good chance to try HDR to separate the various tones from ...

Alarm Not rated yet
Photo taken in Morristown NJ, August 2010. Shot with my Zorki 4k, with the Orion 15, 28mm f6. Film Plus X Pan @iso 125. D-76 1:1, and printed on Ilford ...

The last day of Building 29 Not rated yet
This is a panoramic image of Eastman Kodak Company Building 29 on the final day of film coating. After 42 years of film production, the World's largest ...

Shed Not rated yet
This is the shed at the rear of the bungalow and it had been boarded up but with the decay and most likely the helping hand of youths it has been tore ...

zug  Not rated yet
Salzburg Bahnhof

Ladybird Not rated yet
My camera is a Fuji Finepix S5800, i used a 0.5x wide angle lense camera was set to super macro. Exposure Time : 1/85 sec F Number : f 3.5 ISO ...

Cloudy, Rainy Day in Vegas Not rated yet
View from Belagio Casino over Dancing Fountains toward Paris Casino

..Tyne bridges.. Not rated yet
..taken on a cloudy November morning, looking up river..

Fire fighter camaraderie Not rated yet
Noting that Police Officers had closed off a surface road, my attention was drawn to the collection of fire trucks gather down the block. With camera ...

Dubai - altitudes and emptiness Not rated yet
this picture was taken in Dubai, 2009.

Urban meets Country. Not rated yet
This image is one where you can see the contrast of urban living meeting nature.

Cornish Place Not rated yet
A former Sheffield silversmiths works turned into apartments. It looked nothing in colour, but somehow looks a little menacing in B&W. Canon EOS 400D, ...

Convergence Not rated yet
Walking around Times Square NYC, just snapping away. It's about luck and serendipity, but photography has a way of making order out of chaos - the choreography ...

stavanger domkirke Not rated yet
Stavanger Cathedral (Stavanger domkirke) is Norway's oldest cathedral. It is situated in the middle of Stavanger, and is the seat of the Diocese of Stavanger.Bishop ...

Chef in the Alley Not rated yet
I wanted to take a photo of a Chef cooking but when I drove up to the back of the restaurant I found my friend waiting for me. I fell in love with the ...

Churchnin Lynn, MA Not rated yet
Church located in Lynn,MA

Rusty nails Not rated yet
In my city there is a big, empty hole where a department store used to be. It burnt down a couple of years ago. Being Hobart, nothing much has replaced ...

San Diego from above Not rated yet
I was landing in San Diego, looked out my window and got the photo with my compact camera. Kind of a once in a lifetime shot.

Men of Steel Not rated yet
One of several hundred shots taken during the reconstruction of the James McFarley Bridge on Route 9W in Stony Point, NY. I took photos a few times a ...

View : 33rd St Subway Entrance 1979 Not rated yet
I was standing at the bottom of the stairwell and framing a shot of the Empire State Building. I saw the man fill the foreground and thought "now". I ...

Black Holes Not rated yet
Taken of a factory in DURBAN. This is a 3 image HDR.

Paso - Urban Graffiti Not rated yet
This image is part of the upper story of a house slated for destruction in the warehouse district of Tucson, where I photograph frequently. The Spanish ...

Chaplinesque Not rated yet
I photograph a lot of street art -- the anonymous art that people leave in so many urban places. This stencil of Charlie Chaplin appeared on a wall slated ...

At The Wall Not rated yet
This image was taken at Pike Place Market. It was during a school field trip.

A Bleak Day in Byker Not rated yet
Byker is an inner city suburb of Newcastle. It was a damp, cold, grey, dirty kind of day. The streets were almost deserted and I felt very melancholy. ...

Tracks Not rated yet
I used a Canon 40d with the kit lens to shoot this image. I was in New Hampshire in Aug 2009 on a family trip. We took a ride through the countryside ...

Image Gallery - Abandoned Railway  Not rated yet
The photo is of a abandoned rail road trake that was not being used.

Street Photography - Street Corner Not rated yet
I can't say whether this person was kicked to the curb, or if she made it her choice. Comment by Kate excellent shot, great composition and depth of ...

Phot Gallery - They left Not rated yet
The photo is of a decomissioned power station in Soweto near Johannesburg, South Africa. The dynamic range was excessive for the sensor and I hence used ...

Image Gallery - Urban Tribals Not rated yet
the photo is an architectural landmark located at the central park Oslo.

Reflections in Time Not rated yet
I snapped this photo in Riverhead, New York...a wonderful old town that has a nostalgic feel to it...old buildings and town cinema. I was surprised by ...

Carrier Not rated yet
During my trip to Indonesia I visited Wonosobo, a small town in the mountains of Central Java. All kinds of goods are transported by men in those carriers ...

HEX 382 Not rated yet
I was working in Cuba in January and managed to sneak off to Havana for one day. I used the opportunity to shoot some Photographs and there are plenty ...

Turn Not rated yet
This photo was taken inside an abandoned factory in Elizabethton, TN (United States) using a Canon Rebel XSi with a Tamaron Macro lens and slightly altered ...

Passage way Not rated yet
this picture was taken in Scunthorpe town centre on a sunday morning, I was just getting ready to take the picture with no one in it when this women walked ...

Self Portrait Not rated yet
Hasselblad 500 CM 1/60 f/4 Ilford HP5 Plus Developed in ID-11 Shot in Madrid, Spain, on the 1st of November 2008. I had seen this guy many times ...

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