Industrial Photography Art Project

"Photography can never grow up if it imitates some other medium. It has to walk alone; it has to be itself."
Berenice Abbott

Industrial photography and the industrial landscape is something that most people would not consider to be one that warranted special interest and certainly not one with any photogenic attributes.

However it is an environment that can dominate large urban areas and is something that most of us will come into contact on a daily basis in some form or another and so should be explored rather than ignored.

I must admit I never paid much attention to industrial areas and would almost not see them, but that changed when I had my camera in my hand.

Suddenly my focus changed and I started to notice how these often noisy and dirty environments almost had their own special light and atmosphere about them, probably created by smoke and dust in the air around them.

I began to notice the detail in the bold and rigid structures and began to see a hidden beauty that i was amazed could be in such a stark environment.

Considering that most industrial landscapes are not designed to be particularly picturesque but purely functional it is often that industrial photography is over looked as an art form.

I hope to change that perception a little in the following pages and hope to show that with the use of photography art, these environments can be as intriguing and aesthetic as other photographic landscapes.


The old Koff factory at Sinebrychoff Park in Helsinki by Wili Hybrid on FlickrFactories - Industrial buildings are often found cowering in the furthest and often greyest parts of our towns and cities. However their large footprints often have a strangely awe inspiring majesty about them.

Many of the buildings also reflect a lost and forgotten time when industrial buildings were considered worthy of decoration in their own right and were adorned with architectural detail.

These structures are definitely a subject worth looking at when embarking on an industrial photography project.


Cranes - One of my personal favourites. Often very sculptural against the urban skyline and can appear like giant monsters devouring the landscape. The many varied styles, colours and sizes of the construction cranes lend themselves to many different photographic opportunities to capture their strong yet graceful appearance.

Industrial cranes by SqueakyMarmot


Gas works by Paul d waite FlickrGas works and the industrial landscape - Take another look at these monoliths in your local area. Get up close if you can and notice the intricate metal work of the Victorian gas works or the heavy industrial nature of its nuts and bolts.

What I really like about these structures is how they change all the time depending on whether or not they are full of empty etc.

They are also often left derelict for long periods of time allowing for nature to weather it's structure. Again, another good industrial photography art project that with a little creative perspective and vision can create wonderfully dramatic and powerful images.


Industrail machinery by tankawho FlickrMachinery - The industrial landscape is covered in machinery of all shapes and sizes and of various degrees of intricacy. The secret to seeing the abstract photographic image is to go in close.

Notice the different textures, patterns and colour tones in the detail and use these aspects to create a strong contrasting image with impact.


Scaffolding in the urban landscape by Kate TilmouthConstruction - Construction sites are everywhere in our urban environment and are hard to miss with their noise, dust and constant activity.

They hold a strange fascination as we humans are a rather nosey bunch and we just can't seem to stop our selves taking a peek to see what is going on.

Construction sites provide a perfect voyeurs subject and are well worth including in this industrial photography section.


Pylon1 by Kate TilmouthPylons - Another one of my favourite industrial photography art subjects and one that I seem to be always shooting. I think it is the way they stand out and contrast with the sky that always captures my attention.

I like the way that when looking at photographs of these often anonymous structures you can almost hear the low electrical hum they emit, adding to the overall effect of the image.

The industrial landscape is full of interesting subjects to capture with your camera. By viewing them using your creative imagination and from a photography art point of view, these images can become not only attractive to the eye, but will inform the viewer and reveal a little more about its location and the photographer that captured the image.


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Better days.. 
An old and disused forklift , that sits at a site in Fife Scotland .

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early morning deer hunt VT

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this is spectacular i love this picture

the old koff factory Not rated yet
This is spectacular i love this picture. Great effect Kelly.Well done Garry

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Historic swing bridge originally built in 1883 and restored in 2003

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From the train Not rated yet
This was taken from a slow-moving train in Cambridgeshire, and I loved the sense of scaled the pylons gave to a fairly boring bit of countryside.

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Corus Blast Furnace In The Mist Not rated yet
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Chicago River Not rated yet
Decaying industry on the Chicago River.

Pylons on the move Not rated yet
I was travelling from Johannesburg to Natal and saw this awesome sight as sunrise. This picture was taken out the passenger side window, driving at 120km/h! ...

Pylon at sunset Not rated yet
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Construction Cranes Nightworks Not rated yet
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Better days. Not rated yet
An old and disused forklift , that sits at a site in Fife Scotland . ...

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