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It was my first time and first day in this city. The aspect of being a small melting pot attracted me like no other european cities did, as I live in Rome. ...

Hong Kong 
While photographing Hong Kong Harbour at night a colourful tourist Junk came sailing by.

Beautiful of Bawean Island, Gresik, East Java Province, Indonesia

Travel Photos - Jerusalem 
Jerusalem Light Rail Project, During a visit to Jerusalem,s old city i came across some construction workers working on the Jerusalem Light Rail Project ...

A Subway worker returning to her post on a rainy morning.

I like this image because it relates to an image done by Berenice Abbott. Where she has the San Francisco Bridge in the background but I have The Scott ...

the trading market area in Colombo on a normal day.

Craig Wathall street photographer

These are street shots from Philly. That's what I do, street.

Santorini Infinity Pool | Astarte suites Hotel Well done George.Lovely colours Garry

The Colosseum.

This is the picture of Burgtor. The Burgtor was built to commemorate the Austrian victory over Napolean at Leipzig in 1813. Located to the west of Heldenplatz ...

Brisbane, part of the CBD, and inner north, a view from Ascot lookout.

The Sydney Opera House.

I want to take you on a ride through Chinatown in Bangkok by tuktuk - enjoy

Porto City Park 
This photo was taken at the tallest hill of Porto City Park. Behind the hill is the Atlantic Ocean and the seaside avenue, so as the beaches and many bars. ...

This is a view of Ramsay Gardens, which is situated just off the Castlehill (Castle esplanade entrance) high above and overlooking Prines Street, the main ...

Berlin Rush Hour 
This photo was taken in the Lichtenberg district in East Berlin, at twilight, the evening rush hour. It seems quite a mundane scene at first but I like ...

Thun, Switzerland 
Thun is a small city in Wallis. Mostly shadowed, the city is completely surrounded by Alps, which stretch down towards Italy.

Berlin is a real Cyberpunk city!

Travel Photos - Atlanta 
My Little boy (2 yrs.) looking out over the city of Atlanta from Piedmont Park.

A bright photo of the Bangkok Rama 9 Bridge over Chao Phraya River. The photo was taken from the Mountien Riverside Hotel, Bangkok. The Bangkok Rama 9 ...

This is a picture of Edinburgh Castle at sunset, taken from the roof terrace of the National Museum of Scotland in late autumn 2008. This particular sunset ...

Paris, 27 december 2008 
I stood in the little park directly beneath the Sacre Coeur. The view from there is spectacular, but also a bit of a cliché. But it's all about clichés ...

Taipei 101 is the tallest building in Taiwan,and has been the world's tallest building since 2004, too.The design clearly reflects the local Chinese culture. ...

It was in October 1991. 5 friends, 100 litres beer and a then 21 years old built motor home drive to Paris. An adventure. We (I) drove 11 hours ...

Sydney, Opera House 
This picture was taken during a 3-months study visit in Melbourne in 2003. One weekend me and my fellow exchange students from Germany went on a trip to ...

Sulaimanya Mosque, Istanbul 
A beautiful mosque in the heart of Istanbul. Comment By kate I really like the way the movement of the people has been caught in the forground. Adding ...

The Gherkin In London 
This a close up of the Gherkin building In London. I liked the contrast between the modern glass building and the older brick building. It really shows ...

Near the British Library - London 
This picture was taken at the British Library in London. The shot was taken through a metal globe stature in front of the Library looking up to one of ...

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