Be Inspired By These
Urban Photography Projects

"A photograph is like the recipe - a memory the finished dish."
Carrie Latet

This photography projects page is a gateway to exploring various different features of our urban environments.

It is designed to inspire photographers by showing how others have interpreted the various subject matters and to present them in such a way as to highlight their different merits and use of their creative photographic eye.

For each project I have chosen a selection of four images which I feel illustrate different view points of the same subject matter.

Each image has uses varying photographic techniques to give the images impact and to present the viewer with a completely different experience of an every day scene.

Techniques such as :

  • Using unusual or creative camera angles
  • Using different shutter speeds
  • Choosing to use colour of black and white exposures.
  • Using natural light to create atmosphere
  • Creating space around a subject
  • Using the eyes natural movement to compose the subject in the frame.

For each photograph, I have commented on why the image caught my eye and what possible techniques may have been used to create the image. These comments are designed to be thought provoking and a spring board for photographers to think about their own photography.

They will hopefully inspire them to explore other urban features they may not have otherwise considered as interesting photographic subjects.

Photographers will also have the chance to submit their own examples of these projects and to share their own experiences and techniques of taking these shots.

In this way a wealth of knowledge and experience will be built up for others to learn from and improve their own photography.