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"If I could tell the story in words, I wouldn't need to lug around a camera."
Lewis Hine

People photography has never been one of my strongest points. I think I am just a little too scared that I will be challenged and also my creative eye just doesn't seem to function when it comes to taking pictures of people.

However I greatly admire those who can capture people going about their daily lives and activities in our cities and towns and often find these photographs extremely captivating.

I think it is the mix of the urban scene with people interacting with their environments and each other.

After all, people are very much a part of the scene in our urban environments and so can influence our choice as photographers of composition and viewpoint.

The following pages take a look at the different areas of street life and people photography within them:-


Street Life - Railway Station by Kate TilmouthRailway Stations - These are places we all come across at some point during our working week as they are often nestled within our urban areas and are very much a part of the every day street scene.

People flood through these places and even seem to live there.

One of the biggest challenges to people photography in railway stations is the shear number of people that can flood the scene, obscuring architectural detail and background scenes.

However with patience and perseverance railway stations can allow for some intriguing and contemplative images of how we live our daily lives within the urban setting.


Street music by Tinou baoStreet Music - Street performers can be found in most cities and large towns and provide a colourful visual aspect to our often grey surroundings.

For the photographer they are a true gift as they welcome attention and so using them as your people photography subject should not pose a problem.

Adding these colourful musicians and performers to a street scene photograph gives it a social commentary and allows a story to be formed in the viewers mind.

Learning where to place the figures in the frame can add many different nuances and narratives to an image.


Parade by Ingrid taylarParades - Parades and demonstrations are made for people photography. In fact it is all about the people and their expression on the days events.

The trick is knowing how to encapsulate a moment without the image appearing crowded and confused and presenting a clear idea or significance to the image.

Colour and movement will play a big part in the composition and the focal length chosen to shoot the image.

Some of the best images I have seen have been in the details and not in the overall scene of the parade, again allowing the viewer to make up their own story about the street scene.


Street markets by Kate TilmouthStreet Markets - The hustle and bustle of street markets and the people that are a part of them make for vibrant and interesting images.

They also vary a great deal from place to place and from the type of goods they sell and so provide many different aspects of people photography.

Street markets provide a rich vein for the urban photographer as they attract all sorts of people from eccentrics, loud barrow boys, bored housewives and even trendy fashion victims.

All of which can provide for exciting and even amusing photographs.


Street Skater - Photo by whocaresnolnoesme on flicker.comStreet Skaters - Every city of the world will have specific areas where people gather to skateboard or roller blade. They can often be very vibrant areas full of colour and energy and will provide many great photographic opportunities.

This photography project will test your candid photography skills. Not being noticed and being able to get as close to the action as possible is a sure way of shooting energetic and powerful images.

See the many various ways you can photograph street skaters within the urban environment.


Airport by Greg westfallAirports - Airports have there own special atmosphere, one of anticipation and excitement and also often of frustrations and anger if the plane is delayed or cancelled.

All these emotions can be captured by the photographer and not just in the faces of the travellers but also in the huge and spacious airports themselves.

Airport design is very different from other hubs of travel; they are often very imposing and grandiose.

Some might say they are even a little theatre like with all the scenes that are played out within its great halls.

A wealth of photographic material for even the most casual of photographer.


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Do you remember, honey? 
Two old persons and one big old thought!

Market dancers 
I came across this pair while walking through my local market. I loved the way there woman were carefree and danced wearing huge smiles. Inspiring.

craig wathall 
brand new street photographer for Sheffield covers events and gigs. Black and white street in London/new York. Mates with Marcus Hartel. Nice shots ...

Union Station, New Haven, Conn., USA 
Of particular interest in this scene was the detailed ceiling, the afternoon sunlight striking the far wall, and the grand scale of the interior in contrast ...

Meet Daniel Not rated yet
This is Daniel, he is a homeless musician in Phoenix Arizona. I spend some time with him. He is a great guy who fell on hard times.

skatergirl Not rated yet
a girl skating in central park nyc

Street Life Project Not rated yet

Homeless Street Musician Not rated yet
I met this fella while out and about with my camera, We went for coffee and burger and he generously gave me permission to take his photo

Women in Market Not rated yet
I made this image in a small town of Salasar in Rajasthan state of India.The women here wear very colouful dresses and some of them keep their faces covered ...

Craig wathall  Not rated yet
Its modern street photography candid street images form sheffield where i live

STREET SOUNDS Not rated yet
Flats life .. A young band jamming , outside the Royal art gallery in Edinburgh .

A smoke in peace Not rated yet
This image was taken outside a small bistro bar in Rose st Edinburgh .I could smell the strong rum scented tobacco from the other end of the street, as ...

Counting Not rated yet
This image was taken using a Fuji x10, while in Edinburgh .

Railway stations Not rated yet
I took these pics while strolling on Zurich station a couple of years. I found the station scene very animating and interesting enough for candid photography. ...

New York Street  Not rated yet
New York New York

Sheffield Street Photography  Not rated yet

New York  Not rated yet
Like the Charlie Pic Nice one Craig Garry

Waiting For The Train Not rated yet
While walking around the 30th Street Station in Philadelphia, PA I came upon the gentleman. He was so deep in thought, I wondered what he must have been ...

Findley Race St. Not rated yet
The streets of Over-The-Rhine

Vine St. an Green  Not rated yet
3hr.after this shot 2 people shot in a drive by

Homeless Man Not rated yet
I was walking along a main street in Philadelphia PA when I came upon this homeless man. It is a picture all to often repeated throughout the United ...

Work With Smile., Not rated yet
Traditional chicken abattoirs. While serving her customers, I've taken pictures of her activities. Take some symbolic objects as a sign of where she worked. ...

children living in poverty India Not rated yet
Took this beautiful yet sad shot of these kids who live under the poverty line in India. They were at the front entrance of Jaisalmer Fort in Rajasthan. ...

Afternoon Nap . . . Not rated yet
South Bank!

Festival Pier Not rated yet
done on the way to london eye just running along down southbank.

People Not rated yet
A men in Parma.

Airport Not rated yet
To the airport. Anonimous

Airport Not rated yet
A typical italian situation....!

A right place for pray! Not rated yet
People who pray in Vatican

Hua Lamphong Station, Bangkok Not rated yet
Hua Lamphong station was opened in 1916. It was designed in Italian Neo Renaissance style by two famous Italian architects, Mario Tamagno and Annibale ...

"Like the new car" Not rated yet
Street life in Manaus, Brazil. Just the hustle and bustle of a vibrant but relatively poor area. This guy rushes up in his car, jumps out and it immediately ...

Old Moroccan Man Not rated yet
Title says it all dude.

Street Photography - Behind the Royal Chapel Not rated yet
Hi !! Kate very kindly invited me to submit this photo several months ago - unfortunately, at the time I was taking a break from Flickr, so didn't see ...

Street photography - Bird Market Not rated yet
I was in a section of Chongqing, China while the flower market was open, which I think is there only at certain times of the day. There was more than ...

Street Photography - Traffic Not rated yet
The traffic in Chongqing, China defies description. Cars go every which way - lanes seem to be a formality only. People intermix with vehicles of all ...

Street photography - Sidewalk Market Not rated yet
As our tour bus took us through Chongqing, China - a city of 33,000,000 people - I was able to get some great photos from the bus window. This city is ...

Street Photography - Girl at Bus Stop,  Not rated yet
Looking out of our bus window, I spotted this little girl waiting for her bus. Her expression says it all - and what that is, I don't know, but she engages ...

Times Square Not rated yet
In Times Square, everyone is taking pictures of each other, so I took pictures of them doing this touristy thing.

Street Corner Not rated yet
Taken in Liverpool, England. Homeless woman with her possessions.

farewell Not rated yet
Paddington Station in London. When I first entered the station hall, I was overwhelmed by the size of it and the atmosphere. Although many people come ...

Articokes and Apples at the Reading Terminal Not rated yet
Friuts and Veggies at the Reading Terminal in Philadelphia ...

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