Video Photography Tutorials
And Photography Tips

Photography tutorials and tips written down are all well and good but many of us prefer to be taught by actually seeing and hearing the lesson.

I have therefore gathered together many excellent video lessons covering various aspects of photography. Some of them are quite long but they are really worth spending the time viewing them, as they are full of really excellent tips and advice that will help to improve your photography. Enjoy and come back regularly as new videos will be added periodically.

Polarising Filters

Using Polarising Filters - This video is 6:38 long.

Photography Tutorials - DLSRTIPS.COM Landscape shots with distant subjects can often look misty even under the sunniest conditions. One of the best ways of cutting through this mist and attain a vibrant photo with strong colours and a deep blue sky is to use a polarising filter. This workshop will show you everything you need to know.


Brighten Exposures - This video is 5:29 long.

Photography Tutorials - DLSRTIPS.COM Modern DSLRs are designed to get the exposure right almost every time when set in their automatic mode. But there will always be occasions when your photos come out darker than you had hoped for. This can be caused by false camera readings or you may just prefer a much brighter final image. Alterations to your exposure are easy to adjust and this workshop will show you how.

Action Shots

Blur Action Shots - This video is 5:36 minutes long.

Photography Tutorials - DLSRTIPS.COM We are all used to freezing the action in our photography so that we have a clear crisp image of what is going on. However this may result in a dull lifeless shot or you may just want to emphasize the motion in the scene. This video will show you how to set your camera to achieve a blurred image, adding impact and interest to your work.


Cropping Techniques - This video is 6.38 minutes long

Photography Tutorials - fubdog on vimeo This video is excellent at showing you how cropping an image in different ways will change the whole narrative of the image. Photography tutorials like this will help to train your eye in seeing pictures within pictures, so that you can illustrate perfectly the message you want to convey.

These next three videos take a while to get going but stick with them as they really are worth viewing all the way through.


Composition - This video is 11 minutes long.

Photography Tutorials - fubdog on vimeo This video shows you some great examples of good composition and talks you through why that is. It will give you a better understanding of why some shots work and other do not. Eventually you will not have to think about arrangement of your shot as it will begin to come naturally to you the more you view good composition.

Scale & Contrast

Scale And Contrast - this video is 14 minutes long

Photography Tutorials - fubdog on vimeo The video talks you through aspects to look out for when deciding what and how to shoot your images to achieve the best impact. It takes you through different ways to focus on your subjects and how to emphasize them in your images. This is one of the best photography tutorials that I have found on this subject and one that I found really interesting and insightful.

Documentary Photography

Documenting the events around you - This video is 11 minutes long

Photography Tutorials - fubdog on vimeo As the title suggests this photography tip is all about how to use your photography to produce a sequence of images to illustrate the world and events around you. This is especially useful when you want to capture the essence of a place in your urban travel photography.