Essential Photography Supplies

Photography supplies covers many items and many of them specialist. However there are supplies that are required frequently and are a little more mundane such as Ink cartridges and Printing paper.

These pages are for those items which are essential but which you do not want to spend hours searching around for or even paying a fortune for. I have therefore put together some Ebay pages highlighting these photography supplies, to make it easier for you to find what you need at a reasonable price. I get many of my own supplies this way.

I have also included a page of unique camera accessories which I think may be of interest to those of you who would like to stretch their photographic opportunities but who do not necessarily want to upgrade their existing cameras. Take a look as you may be surprised at what you find.

If you have any other photography supplies that you would like to see advertised here then please drop me a line and I will try and source them for you and add them to the site.

Photography Supplies - LensesCamera Accessories - Not all of us can afford high-end digital SLR cameras but would still like to get the most out of the cameras we do own. I have found a company that supplies unique camera accessories that extend the capabilities of digital cameras and at a price I think is very reasonable compared to the price of buying a high-end camera.

Find extension tubes, lenses and mounts to fit all sorts of cameras.

Photography Supplies - PaperPhoto Paper - Find good quality printing paper for your work at a fraction of the cost in the high street.

Photography Supplies - Ink CartrisgesInk Cartridges - I have used many different brands of ink cartridge over the years and have had some very good results from them including remanufactured and non-brand inks.

Considering just how expensive they can be I find that I can buy a most of my ink cartridge requirements from Ebay sellers. Check out my Ink Cartridge Ebay page to see if you can too.

Photography Supplies - Camera BagsCamera Bags - I have bought all my camera bags from Ebay in the past and I have saved myself hundreds of pounds in the process. It is always worth checking Ebay first as many of the top sellers of camera bags also sell at a reduced price on Ebay to entice customers to buy from them.