• Urban Photography Art Sitemap

    This is the site map for urban-photography-art.com. Here you can find overviews and links to all the content on the site. To see the latest additions check out the Whats New Blog.

    Your Galleries

    In these galleries you can see the photos that have been contributed to the site by people just like you. These people are not professionals and many may not be 'into' urban photography full time but they have taken a special photo and wanted to share it. Even if you only have the camera on your phone there is a place for those images too. Just check out the 'City Snapshots'.

    World City Galleries

    The World City Gallery pages are your oppertunity to contribute by displaying your own unique and interesting images of the cities of the world. Not just limited to the list below, send us your photos of your home city or from your travels around the world and we will update the list.

    Famous Urban Photographers

    Here we have a selection of profiles of a number of famous photographers who have been involved in urban photography. See the introduction for an overview of them all and check out the individual profiles for example of thier stunning work.

    Interviews With Photographers

    We feel it's important to keep up with what contemparary photographers in the urban photography arena are doing and try to get some insights in to their motivation and techniques. This series of interviews with current photographers will hopefully provide just that as well as some amazing examples of their photography.

    Technical Tips

    This is the technical tips section of the urban photograhy art website.

    Camera Tips

    Knowing how to get the best out of your camera and the scene in front of you makes all the difference between a dull, average shot and something really special. See the camera tips introduction and the following pages for tips that help you get the best shots.

    Photoshop Tips

    If you use photoshop (or any other image editor) then the following pages will give you a start on perfecting the images you have taken once you get them into your digital darkroom. The photoshop tips introduction will give you an overview of the tips available.

    Photography Equipment

    Equipment doent just stop with the camera. There are a wide range of accessories to consider. Some of them are essential if you are to get the best from your camera. Others are useful or less than essential but still nice to have! The photography equipment introduction page will help you stock up on what you need.

    Photography Tutorial Videos

    A picture is worth a thousand words but there are somethings that still pictures and words just cannot get across clearly. The handpicked tutorial videos presented here will help you develop the techniques required to take your photos to a professional level.


    While it seems everything is digital you still can't beat the feel of a print in your hand or haging on a wall. Printing of you images is not something to consider lightly. Choosing the right materials can make a world of difference to the appearence and the costs. Go to the photo printing introduction for the details.

    Photography Podcasts

    If you are on the move, in the car, out for a run then these selected podcasts are a great way to fill that time and fire you up for another creative urban photography session.

    Photography Supplies

    Need supplies for your camera, printer. Maybe you need a book to read on holiday. Here we have our section dedicated to the everyday supply needs of the photographer plus a section of useful, quality reading matter.

    Urban Photography Art Projects

    The urban photography project pages are an attempt to explore the various different features of our urban environments. They are designed to inspire photographers by showing how others have interpreted the various subject matters and presented in such a way as to highlight their different merits and use of their creative photographic eye.

    The are a number of projects listed below with each project broken down in to sub sections. Each project has an introductory page that provides an overview of the project and explains the content for the different sub sections within.

    City Landscapes

    City Landscapes Project Overview - Images of ghost towns, derelict or abandoned buildings, panoramas, highway motorways and roads, skylines and railway arches.

    Street Life

    Street Life Project Overview - Images of railway stations, street musicians and artists, parades and carnivals, markets, street skaters and airports.

    Industrial Photography

    Industrial Photography Project Overview - Images of urban industry including electricity pylons, constructions sites, industrial buildings, cranes and machinery.


    Bridges Project Overview - Images of bridges, old and new bridges and the modern 'monstrosity?' the flyover.

    Urban Decay

    Urban Decay Project Overview - Images of the rubbish and detritous left by modern society. The wrecked and abandoned, the discarded and the ever present shopping trolley or cart.

    Street Photography

    Street Photography Project Overview - The everyday items we see on the street. Bicycles, signs and graffiti.

    Site Information/Other

    If you need to contact me, want to take a look at some recomended resources on the net, provide me with some feedback on the site or check out what data we collect and how we use it then here is the place.