Shopping Trolley Urban Photography Project

The shopping cart or trolley, a very useful item in its place but otherwise a pretty uninteresting harmless wire basket on wheels, right? Right, but how come they seem to be taking over the world? No matter where I go I seem to come across one lurking in some darken corner of the street or poking out from an unexpected place.

The human fascination with dumping trolleys goes on and has made the innocuous shopping cart a common sight and an integral part of urban life.

So it's not surprising that they have crept into our photography in one way or another and I am always continually amazed at the ingenuity of the photographers ability to use them so creatively in their work.

Since finding a shopping trolley will be easy for all of us, I thought an urban photography project would be easy to achieve.

The examples here will give you some food for thought and help you come up with your own interpretation of this modern day urban decay phenomena.

Shopping Trolley Project Examples

Shopping Trolley Picture by 'bat in the rain'

Bat In The Rain (flickr name) has created a really great colourful image using just natural light and shadow.

Light has reflected the colour from a nearby window or similar onto a pretty otherwise bland wall and has also cast a great shadow of the trolley.

The simplicity and uncluttered nature of the image is what makes the shot for me. It is a good example of how certain times of day are better for taking photographs due to the nature and angle of the light.

Without the shadow the image would have been far less interesting and rather lifeless. So waiting for the time of day where long shadows are cast, will give you far more photographic opportunities if you are looking for simple shapes and strong contrasts.

Shopping Trolley Picture by Mike Warren

Next Mike Warren has used bad weather to enhance his image. Just imagine how this picture would have looked without the droplets of water on the shiny metal or the reflective puddles on the pavement!

There still would have been a fairly dynamic composition but again it, could have become rather lifeless and dull.

Taking advantage of even bad weather to see how it can add dynamics to a material or create another aspect to an image such as reflections is always worth keeping an eye open for.

Shopping Trolley Picture by s2art

A shopping trolley is rather simplistic in design and its wire basket can make for some great abstract images. This image by s2art is about light and shade and simplicity verses complexity.

The image is almost cut up into four separate areas. You have the clear blue sky balanced with black shade in the top two corners of the image, and the highlighted busyness of the wire mesh and the simple straight lines of the end of the basket in the bottom two corners.

I like how this image was composed using all these elements to create an abstract picture which is more about light and form rather than the actual subject.

Shopping Trolley Picture by Migley

This last image gives a totally different approach to photography and how a simple shopping trolley can be used to create an image that looks like it is out of a scene from an movie set.

The image taken by Mugley is very dramatic. This is due to the low angle of the shot and the good depth of field.

This has given the image an elongated look and has captured not only the close subjects but also plenty of sky and surrounding buildings.

I love how the image has been given a very alien feel by creating a very dark vivid sky and eerie green hue to almost everything else.

A fun shot with lots of impact and it's only a shopping trolley in an alley. A great example of how any thing can be used to produce interesting and eye grabbing photography.