Street Photography Art Projects

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."
Ansel Adams

Street Photography covers nearly every aspect of city life and how we live and work within it.

It would be impossible for me to cover all those aspects here so I decided that I wanted to pick out a few areas which I think maybe get over looked as photographic subjects.

The subjects I cover here are either obscure, grimy, vibrant or mundane.

However I think all offer the creative photographer several new opportunities to explore their environment from a different viewpoint through their camera lenses.

The following pages are individual projects covering different areas of street photography.


Street Photography - Photo by Kate TilmouthBicycles - Now that petrol prices are on the increase everyone is turning to the bicycle to get around our urban landscape. This means that for the photographer there is now a new prolific subject matter whizzing around our streets.

With so many bicycles on our streets the photographic possibilities are everywhere. See how many ways you can use bikes in your work and in what different viewpoints.


Street Photography - Photo by Ishanhosla on flickr.comStreet Signs - Look up look down in fact look anywhere in the city and you will see some form of sign.

They are impossible to ignore and are often the cause of great frustration for the photographer trying to get a good view of their subject.

So instead of looking upon signs as a pure ugly hindrance, why not try and incorporate them into your photography in a creative way that produces an attractive image. It may sound difficult but this project shows you several ways to see and use street signs affectively as a photographic subject.


Street Photography - Photo by Kate TilmouthStreet Art - is it art or vandalism? I think it is a very personal decision but whatever you think it can often define an area by the very nature of its graffiti.

People often express who they are with the use of graffiti and any street photography project would be incomplete without an area covering the subject.

Part of this photographic project is to show how you can use your skills as a photographer to not only show the graffiti itself but to also say something about how the graffitit interacts with its environment.


Submit your own Street Photography Images

Share your images and experience of taking photographs of Aspects of street photography (see below categories) with others.

Send us your own image and the story of how and why you took it.

Street Signs
Street Skaters
Street Art

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We will soon have the submissions feature back and appreciate your patience in the mean while.

If you have any photos and you want to send them to us you can do so by email (details on my contact page)

Urban funk  
This is taken on a main street, I like the building at either side of the sign featuring the urban logo. It creates a more urban environment feel to ...

Pogo Anyone? 
While on an adventure with some friends, I came across a dump with so many fascanting objects, abandonded once by a child somewhere along the lines was ...

look up there 
i was sitting in my cab when i see these two i just like the way they are both looking up holding the brolley

Bookends Not rated yet
I saw this scene with these two guy's asleep it was sunny but still a chill in the air, so I photographed them and as I walked around to the side of them ...

Untitled Not rated yet

Untitled Not rated yet

Nice Blanket No. 2 Not rated yet
This photograph was taken as part of my Coney Island series in the summer of 2013. I love the woman's dramatic outstretched pose.

Happy Street Art Not rated yet
Happy electric recharging point in Turku, Finland!

old friend Not rated yet
I took this photo in 2011, I found this old bycycle near traditional market in Sout Sulawesi, Indonesia. It just rests on the wall, like it waiting its ...

animal in the bag  Not rated yet
Sheffield Graffiti

RHYTHM IN CITY Not rated yet
I study in the traditional city of Yazd.It was the metaphor of my idea about rhythm and contrast and the concept of a good city. Thanks Hamed.Its great ...

URBAN DECAY Not rated yet

Photographer Taking Picture of Photographer Not rated yet
I was in Philadelphia PA taking photographs in Chinatown during the Chinese New Year Parade. I took this picture of a man standing next to me.

Theater District Philadelphia PA Not rated yet
I was stopped at a red light in the theater district of Philadelphia Pa when I saw this art painted on the side of a building. As my car started moving, ...

Here ...amp; Now Not rated yet
Taken in the streets of Manchester. Edited slightly. Nice work Tom Garry

Walk Home? Not rated yet
Taken on the Ben Franklin Bridge between Philadelphia and Camden, I took this shot of a homeless man wandering from one side of the bridge towards New ...

Skatepark Not rated yet
This is in Austin TX, and was taken with a Canon AV-1

Lányok Not rated yet
Felkészülés a vizsgára

Pogo Anyone? Not rated yet
While on an adventure with some friends, I came across a dump with so many fascanting objects, abandonded once by a child somewhere along the lines was ...

Wild Horse Saloon Not rated yet
This photograph was taken with a 35mm Holga while traveling through Wyoming.

South Street Alley Not rated yet
Alley off of South Street in Philadelphia.

No parking in San Fran Not rated yet
Artists note: It’s a cold winter’s day in San Francisco, a walk into the city centre and down the side streets of the quaint famous San Francisco city ...

Workhorse Not rated yet
Qingdao China - A street cleaner's transportation and tool conveyance system - eminently practical for the application. Cries out to be photographed. Note ...

Incomplete simmetry Not rated yet
One bicycle and a half

Booked chair Not rated yet
Rome. Hebrew ghetto

Danny Shovel Not rated yet
Men at work

Faces Not rated yet
This shot was taken on the corner of Revaler Strasse and Warschauer Strasse in Friedrichshain, Berlin. It's an interesting part of Berlin, full of young ...

Man on Wall Not rated yet
This artwork is painted onto a section of the old Berlin Wall. It stands out not just for the quality of the artwork in itself, but because of all the ...

From The Train Not rated yet
This was originally a snapshot, taken out of the window as I rode the S-Bahn one day in the east of Berlin. I wanted to try and capture the vibrant pulse ...

Let's Dance in the Subway Not rated yet
This photograph is of a dancer Shyrelle. We decided to do a shoot in the subway station on 42nd street. The energy was great and it really gave it an urban ...

Bent Wheels Not rated yet
Taken while walking around Bath, England. Odd to see a matching set of wheels, on separate bikes!

Street Photography - A Bus Comes And Goes Not rated yet
A bus comes and goes on the corner of 47th and Market Street. San Diego, California.

The Bus Stop Not rated yet
This photo was taken on the corner of 47th and Market Street in San Diego, Ca. The time was around 9pm. The title is pretty self explanatory.

Street Signs Not rated yet
Pure contemporary Street Photography from NYC. Regards, OS.

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