Road Bridges In Urban Photography Project

"You have to hurry up if you want to see something, everything disappears."
Paul Cezanne

Road bridges old and new are scattered all over our urban environments. Whether they cross motorways, pathways, rivers or each other they cannot be ignored and often dominate the horizons.

A hundred years ago ornate bridges were being built to carry the goods and people created by the industrial revolution. All over the world grand bridges were springing up and the more decorative and majestic the better.

We seem to be going through another similar era where after a period where bridges were built simply and were purely practical structures, bridges are being designed with the wow factor.

Photographing bridges both old and new gives the photographer a great opportunity to document the changing urban landscape, as well as the changing face of our societies, particularly from the industrial age to the current technological age.


flyovers by zoom zoom on flickrFlyovers or elevated highways as they are sometimes known would at first glance appear to be very dull structures.

However they are an essential part of the urban landscape and allow both people and cars to flow through the veins of our inner urban spaces.

Their almost bland outline and colour can be used in a sculptural way as they move through our towns and cities. We can allow their solid forms to dictate how we use the camera to create dramatic urban photography art.


modern bridges by NTlamModern bridges and contemporary bridges - In the last twenty years road bridges have undergone a sort of makeover where they are no longer simply a means to an end, now they have become a part of a places identity, through innovative design.

These new bridges are celebrated as signs of prosperity and technological advances and their unusual shapes, lighting and movement have made them great photographic subjects.


Old Bridges by Nigel WilsonOld Bridges - Lets not forget the bridges of a hundred years or so ago. Many of which were amazing feats of design and engineering in their own rights and were and are considered structures of great beauty.

Many of these original bridges spanned our great rivers and led directly into our major cities and towns, giving them wonderful backdrops of our city skylines and vistas.


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canal bridge 
This was taken in Littleborough lancashire uk is an old canal with a new twist. Love the 'HDR' feel of this photo Garry

Infinity Waves 
Artists note: Sat nestled as one of eight bridges spanning the river Tees the Infinity bridge can be seen from miles around with its double arch peering ...

Tyne Bridge 
This is the (imaginatively named) Tyne Bridge which bridges the River Tyne, the river separating Newcastle to the north from Gateshead to the South. As ...

Train bridge Not rated yet
The air around here is mystical,i love this place.

Emerging through the fog Not rated yet
I took this photograph of my favorite bridge in Frenchtown, NJ. I love how the bridge is finding its way through the fog early in the morning. The tungsten ...

A Foggy Newport Bridge Not rated yet
It was taken about 9pm on a very cold and foggy night just outside the city centre of Newport. As you can see the fog was so thick the bridge literally ...

Forth Bridges at Night Not rated yet
Picture of the two bridges Took just after the sun had gone down.

Flying Saucer Not rated yet
This is the New Bridge over the Danube in Bratislava. The "Flying Saucer" on top of the pylon is a restaurant. The bridge is on 2 levels with a road on ...

composition in grey Not rated yet
This photo was taken in London. It's a railway bridge so I am not sure it qualifies as a road bridge, blame it on the fact I'm not english.... I like ...

Down the Middle Not rated yet
I love the iconic photo taken by Marion Warren of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It is a great inspiration to me as well as the city of Annapolis, MD. Downtown ...

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