Flyovers As Sculptural Urban Photography

Flyovers, or elevated highways as they are known in the USA, are those rather gray plain concrete structures that are used to carry traffic and people over busy road junctions.

So far I can here you thinking, "sounds like a rather dull subject for photography to me".

Well perhaps on first glance, yes they are, but take another look and instead view them as giant urban sculptures.

The photographs I am going to highlight here demonstrate how these giants of the road can be used in urban photography to create great artistic images by using their strong shapes and impressive forms.

Also I think that by exploiting their lack of color and taking most of the photos as either a black and white image or using very few colors helps to create very vibrant and powerful pictures.

Flyover Project Examples

Flyovers by Mad Eye Pie

My first choice is this very imposing photograph by Mad Eye Pie. This is just the sort of image I would have taken; simple, powerful, elegant, and bold.

I like how she has kept the color palette very simple and has made the shadows very black allowing the strong lines of the flyovers shape to flow through the picture.

The hue of the sky may have been changed to add to the over all stylistic feel.

This photograph is a perfect example of my analogy of flyovers being very sculptural in the urban landscape.

I could well see this structure being created by an artist rather than it being just a plain road bridge.

This black and white photograph by Tom Pagenet uses the straight lines and shadows of these bridges to great affect in giving the picture a very urban feel.

He has composed the image by using the bridge in the foreground to create a black frame while using the varying angles of the other two flyovers in the background to form the main focus.

Road Bridges by Tom Pagenet

I like how the whole frame has been taken up with elegant straight lines entwining through and around each other whilst at the same time being completely separate from each other.

The varying shades of black and gray really give this a cold slightly depressing urban feel but still leaves the viewer with plenty to explore and delight in.

Urban Photography by Boliston

Now for something completely different. This photograph captures the design and color of the bridge in close detail.

Taken by Boliston, it again shows that the sculptural nature of these structures is well worth investigating with a camera.

This picture has a warm feel to it created by increasing the contrast and brightening the colors.

The composition has been kept simple and has allowed the design and color of the bridge to create its own interest. A very abstract image with lots of artistic appeal.

Lastly a composite panorama picture taken by Daguellamanera. This shows how photography art can play a great role in creating very artistic and thought provoking imagery even of the most mundane every day objects.

flyovers by daguellamanera

This photograph as been put together using many different individual photographs of the same scene but taken at different exposures, times of day and angles. Creating a sort of patchwork, distorted overall image that is very commanding to look at.

The road bridge has been used to cut right through the picture at an impossible angle, giving the image a definite center. However there is plenty of interest both above and below to keep the viewer occupied.

This kind of photographic technique is rarely used I feel and I think it is a shame as it is able to make very out of the ordinary pictures out of the ordinary.