The City Landscape &
Urban Photography Project

"One photo out of focus is a mistake, ten photos out of focus are an experimentation, one hundred photos out of focus are a style."
Author Unknown

Urban photography can cover many different aspects of our city landscape and it is my aim in this section to highlight how varied the urban environment can be and how rewarding that is for the city photographer.

The city provides it own unique lighting qualities from streetlights, shop windows and car headlights.

All of which can give the photographer many photography art options in creating an attractive image and to change the often stark and gritty urban landscape into something far more vibrant and exciting.

The word landscape conjures up images of rolling green hills and babbling brooks but the city landscape is a completely different scene, with its concrete highways and crowded streets.

It may at first appear to have little merit to warrant taking photographs of and to the naked eye can seem rather mundane and colourless. However the city is my main focus for my own photography art and I find it a constant source of fascination and wonder.

In this section I will be concentrating on the areas of the city landscape that perhaps are over looked and are not commonly considered worthy of city photography.

Also I will look at certain techniques and viewpoints of urban photography that enable the viewer to see the environment around them from a completely different viewpoint.


City Landscape - Highway by AttiMotorways and Highways - These are often the life blood to and from the city.

Without them the cities would die, workers would not be able to get to work and nothing produced by the city would be able to be sent to other parts of the country.

But how many people really look at motorways and would consider them a worthy subject for the photographer?

Well for me highways certainly are worthy subjects and can create not only attractive images but are also thought provoking.

Every photograph has its own individual story to tell and so is very much a part of the overall urban landscape.


City Landscape - Arches by FinfaheyArch life - what is this you may be asking yourself? Well every city landscape will be full of various different types of bridges all of which will have their own set of arches underneath.

These arches not only provide the landscape with form and breaks in the urban setting but also provide a frame for other urban spaces.

Many of these arches are also put to work and have their own dark underground worlds existing almost separately from the rest of the city.

Car parks, workshops, cafes and even mushroom growers can all be seen inhabiting bridge arches all around our cities. I call it arch life and I enjoy using photography to capture this hidden world.


City Landscape - Skyline by Jack DuvalSkylines - The city skyline has always been a great source for stunning and impressive urban photography images.

Wherever there is a high viewpoint over looking the city or a distant landscape of city towers and buildings there will always be a photographer.

The art of capturing a distinct and different scene that will delight the viewer is a challenge to all photographers.

I want to highlight some of those that have met that challenge and produced some stunning and imaginative skyline photographs.


Urban Panoramas - Similar to the skyline images but uses a technique where either a specialist lens has been used or several pictures have been stitched together to create a very wide angled image of a city landscape.

City Landscape - Photo by Peter Kaminski

These impressive images are wonderful at creating a feel for a particular place and give the viewer the sense of almost being in the picture looking around their environment. This kind of urban photography requires a good eye for a continuous area of interest that will create a flowing natural picture of the scene.


City Landscape - Ghost Towns by AxleGhost Towns - Typically what are considered ghost towns are old hick towns in the middle of nowhere that lend themselves more to a spaghetti western than to the urban landscape.

However ghost towns do also exist within our own urban sprawls and can be found in areas where the city has moved on from its past.

These areas of forgotten communities and industry provide a great story for a photograph to portray. They also serve as a record of times gone by and of places that may not exist in the future.

The creative photographer can add to the ghost like feel of these areas by using light and shade in such a way to highlight doorways and windows where at any moment a figure may just appear.


City Landscapes - Reflections by Kate TilmouthReflections - Today's urban environments more than at any other time, due to the many glass and metal constructed buildings, provide us with many opportunities to use reflections as a framework for our photography art.

Along with glass, metal and marble building materials, there are also puddles; shop windows, car windscreens and canals that can all provide fantastic opportunities for creative photography.

By simply taking advantage of these reflective objects you will be able to add another dimension to your urban photography.


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City Landscapes - Periodic Theme  

Washington reflection Not rated yet
This photograph was taken while visiting relatives on our (the wife and i's) first visit to washington. Our only previous visit to the sates had been to ...

Chrysler with reflection Not rated yet
This was one of the first photographs taken on our first visit to the states. It was pretty much taken as we stepped out of our hotel onto lexington (i ...

The Block Not rated yet
This monolithic block is typical of Soviet architecture: Imposing grey, concrete, hard and monotonous, functional with no soft embellishments. It is however, ...

motorways and highways Not rated yet
A motorway without cars

Pleasure Beach Great Yarmouth Not rated yet
The weather was terrible... rain, cold, heavy cloud, windy, a Typical British Summer! I just loved the juxtaposition of the enclosed (pay on entry "pleasure ...

Rome Not rated yet
Vatican City. Nice shot.Like the angle. Garry

Rome Not rated yet
View from St Angelo Bridge in Rome of St Peters Cathedral.

London Not rated yet
Central London sunrise. You can see the new Shard and the London Eye on the horizon. Must of had a good viewpoint. Garry

Aramark Tower Philadelphia PA Not rated yet
This was taken during the Christmas season, the reflection captured the sun, the clouds, and in the lower half the buildings across the street.

Coventry City Centre Not rated yet
Interesting angles and a bit of photoshop

SW London from a train Not rated yet
On a train, direct to nowhere,The sun is high and colors bright, and everything out of this window goes faster then my mind that is stopped on my love! ...

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Standing 975 feet tall, the Comcast Center is the tallest building in Philadelphia, PA. With its ambitious incorporation of eco-friendly technologies, ...

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Sydney Not rated yet
took them couple years ago, not using any professional camera, just luck i shall say:)

view of downtown vancouver from Granville island Not rated yet
It was looking at downtown in nights

Wah Wah Lounge Building (warehouse 1) Not rated yet
In Danks Street Waterloo in Sydney Australia it is a terrific Art Deco building that survived the knocking down phase of our city's growth. The suburb ...

Catacombs Not rated yet
This is taken down in West Norwood catacombs, one of only two underground catacombs in London. This image is particularly atmospheric I think,due to the ...

Old Vic Tunnels Not rated yet
This is taken through the locked door leading to the Old Vic Tunnels, under Waterloo station. I love the way the door frames the image, and it looks so ...

Urban architecture Not rated yet
Rome. EUR district

urban architecture Not rated yet
Rome. EUR district.

M25 Kent to essex Tunnel Not rated yet
Being driven through to Essex, i took this as we went through the tunnel. I love the symetrics of the lines and lights and the curved feeling, with the ...

Atlantic Station - Atlanta Georgia Not rated yet
Atlantic Station is one of my most favourite parts of Atlanta. This mixed use "city within the city" houses very neat loft apartments and condos and major ...

Three Windows Not rated yet
This building is in Bratislava, Slovakia. It was twilight on a very sunny day. I was struck by the windows on this building which perfectly mirrored the ...

City Landscape - FESTIVAL CITY  Not rated yet

City Landscape - Relax at beach Not rated yet
HI, while i was passing through a beach road in Sharjah (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES) a view captured my attention suddenly. An old lady sitting at beach facing ...

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City Landscape - Block Drugs Not rated yet
The last of NYC's classic mom and pop drugstore chain. East Village, 2008.

Urban Decay - End of Admirals Row Not rated yet
One of six ruined former military officer's quarters in Admiral's Row, Brooklyn Navy Yard. Current plans are to raze all but two of these Civil War era ...

Glass Stairtower Not rated yet
This image of the glass stairtower in Eastman Kodak's building 29 in Rochester, New York was captured from my van while waiting for the traffic light to ...

Piece of Cake Not rated yet
Another photo I took in Vienna, because I liked the combination of the classical font with the classical architecture (and I liked their cakes....). ...

Bud Building Overcast Day Not rated yet
The Old Bud Building at 21st and Hunting Park Avenue is a scary looking building on a sunny day but looks even more menacing on an overcast day ...

Water Works Falls Not rated yet
The Falls at the Water Works in the afternoon are very pretty when the sun is setting. ...

Whinding Staircase Philly Art Museum Area Not rated yet
The original photo was in color but I thought black and white brought out the real beauty in this photo and added to the dramatic effect. ...

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