The City Skyline For
Creative Urban Photography

The city skyline here in London has changed considerably over the last ten years.

Whereas previously, high-rise buildings were rare, they are now becoming part and parcel of the city scene.

This means I will be able to get much higher and better views of this city and be able to take great skyline pictures for the first time.

Of course many of you may already live in a city where skyscrapers are the norm and have been able to exploit these wonderful city skylines to their full for many years.

Judging by the following photographs you are rather good at it too.

I have chosen four images that I felt depicted the urban skyline in different and creative ways and that not only show off the natural talents of the photographers but also show photography art techniques at work to create vivid and imaginative images.

City Skylines Project Examples

City Skyline by Absolut Wade

This first city skyline by Absolut Wade is a shot of the city at dusk.

The light just before it becomes night has a wonderful blue translucent feel that gives a photograph a great glow of color and atmosphere.

The light from the buildings help to pick out all the various shapes and gives the whole image form and movement.

I love the way the photographer has made the image even more dramatic by angling the camera to give a screwy view of the city skyline.

It gives me the feeling of flying across the sky, weaving in and out of the buildings.

The whole composition has been well thought out and makes for an image with plenty of impact and appeal.

City Landscape by Kainet

This next photograph by Kainet caught my eye as it comes at the city skyline from a completely different artistic viewpoint.

The photographer has used the urban landscape almost coincidentally in the photograph, using it more as secondary point of interest rather than the main subject.

I really like the fact that the photographer has kept the major motorway central to the picture and the way it winds its way from the front of the picture into the middle distance and into the light giving a sort of other worldly feel to the whole photograph.

The image has a rather esoteric feel and is more about the color palette and hues in the picture than any individual aspect.

City Skyline At Dusk by Doobybrain

Here is another very different view of a urban skyline in this photograph by Doobybrain.

This is a completely different way to depict the city and captures two aspects of the urban landscape wonderfully.

The first aspect is the stark lines of the fencing in the foreground, suggesting a sort of prison or enclosed space, which can be the experience of a congested city.

The second is of course the skyline, dark blurry and in the distance at early dusk.

This dusk light shows how the evening light can change so dramatically and has a completely different color to the previous dusk photograph.

The warm browns and pale blue gives the sense of a warm summers evening. I even like the fact that the photographer has kept a small fraction of a wall in the right hand corner of the image, it helps to break the picture up and balances with the dark shapes of the buildings.

Urban Skyline by Frozen Chipmunk

Finally, this image is a good example of the different photography art techniques available to the photographer.

This city skyline picture taken by Frozen Chipmunk looks like it has been inverted and de-saturated which has produced a sort of negative image.

This works really well and brings out the bold shapes and lines of these tall buildings.

The general feel of the image is one that looks like it has been drawn with an architect's pen and turns the photograph into a very graphic image.

The angle at which the photograph has been taken also adds to the illustrative feel and is a good example of how by using a very low viewpoint you can depict the skyline without having to be up high.