Ghost Towns And Deserted Places

Ghost Towns, forgotten places and deserted streets, these are great places for urban photography.

It's amazing that amongst our busy urban environments there can still be found quiet places that were once full of life and activity, which are now forgotten and neglected.

A great time to capture the ghost town feel is early in the morning before the world and his wife are awake but just as the sun is making it's appearance on the day.

Usually busy, noisy and hectic streets are transformed into quiet oasis, allowing light and shade to convert these urban areas into eerie scenes from a TV thriller.

Internal spaces in neglected or deserted buildings can also provide the photographer with an opportunity to create an atmosphere of trepidation and produce a story in the viewer's mind of what might have happened in that place.

Ghost Town Project Examples

Ghost Towns Photography Art by Jsymmetry

This first photograph by jJymmetry uses the evening light to create a sense of a ghost town under a road bridge.

The shadows and the golden light on the road are in stark contrast to the completely black bridge above and have given the photograph a very quiet and strange sense of emptiness.

You find your self asking "where are all the cars?" and "Is there anything coming in the distant light?"

Even though the Photograph has a strange emptiness about it, it also has a warm glow in its use of colors and shade. Making the picture a welcoming one rather than a sinister one.

Urban Photography by Iingorrr

This Polaroid taken by Ingorrr has a definite ghost town feel about it.

Polaroid cameras give a very grainy image and their colors are often muted and this has helped to give this image of a crumbling urban building a sense of spookiness.

I like the way the photograph has been framed with every area of the picture containing a new subject to look at; even the sky contains some ghost like cables.

I also like how the picture has been framed so that the rooms behind the windows are highlighted by the sky, which invites your eye to wander into them.

Ghost Town Picture by Squickman

This interior shot taken through a dusty old window by Sqlickman captures a moment in time when the this pool room would have been bustling with happy people.

A cue is left on the table as if someone has just put it down and a bar stool a waits in the corner for it occupier to return.

The photographer has added to the ghostly feel by not quite casting his full shadow on the window giving the edges of the picture a sort of misty ghost like appearance.

The room is also well lit with strong bright light that casts strong black shadows along the floor, which also adds to its melancholy feel.

Urban Photography Ghost Town by Squeakymarrnot

This is more what we might traditionally think of as a ghost town picture (by Squeakymarmot). It depicts buildings from an old mining town out in the desert that has now been abandoned and forgotten.

However I would still consider this an urban environment, as it was once a built-up town where many people lived and worked.

I think the way the photograph has been framed through the window at a slight angle really gives the picture some dynamics and the contrast of the very textural yellow sandstone wall against that clear blue sky really gives the image some impact.

I also like the way that the wall fills the whole frame of the picture, making you concentrate on the old tower in the center. Again a very creative use of photography art and our urban surroundings.