Selected Photography Podcasts

I love podcasts, there isn't a day that goes by where I haven't either downloaded one and listen to it on the way to the shops or I am at my computer happily listening to another.

I thought I would highlight some of my favourite pod casts here on this site. I have chosen them for their quality, originality, usefullness and just plain enjoyment values. Although they are all about photography they cover different aspects of it, so we have:

Podcasts - Thoughts on Photography Thoughts on Photography - This focuses on the photographer and what influences them and their work. It also covers events that may have an impact on the work photographers produce.

Podcasts - The Candid Frmae The Candid Frame - You will meet some of the worlds best photographers in many different aspects of photography, including, photojournalism, fashion, wildlife, landscape and travel amongst others.

Podcasts - 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks 2 Minute Photoshop Tricks - Contains little bite sized chunks of information and has a wealth of backup written information on its website.

Podcasts - Ccamera Position Camera Position - This is a great little program which doesn't talk about the technical side of photography but concentrates on the creative aspects of photography.