Photoshop Tips
Make the Most Of Your Photography Art

"I hate cameras. They are so much more sure than I am about everything."
John Steinbeck

What do I mean by Photoshop tips? Well as photographer myself I have spent many a long hour ploughing through books about how to use Photoshop and all its tools only to discover that I end up using only a fraction of the software's capability.

If like me you just want to know the essential Photoshop tools and tips to get the most out of your photography without spending hours learning the software, then this is where you will find those essential Photoshop Tips.

I have put together a selection of useful tips that are easy to follow and that will give you the results you are looking for fast.

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Photoshop Tips

Black & White Photography
Photoshop Tips - Black & White Photography

Black & White Photography - One of the best things about digital cameras is that they can take both black and white and colour photographs at a flick of a switch, giving the photographer a far wider scope for composition and atmosphere.

The photographer is also free to transform colour digital images into black and white using computer software at a later date.

Black and white exposures work particularly well with a lot of urban scenes and are particularly good at emphasising the grimy grey aspect of some of our built up and industrial areas. It is also a good way to bring out the character of the busier more chaotic places, where detail can be lost.

Photo Art Photography
Photoshop Tips - Photo Art Techniques

Photo Art - Part of the reason behind this web site is the use of photography to create artistic pictures that could grace the walls of any living room. The urban environment doesn't always appear at first glance to be able to provide such pleasing images but now with the advent of digital photography and techniques, they can.

The photo art section will cover some techniques that will help turn your images into real works of art.

The Healing Tool
Photoshop Tips - Removing Blemished with the Healing Tool

Remove Blemishes From Your Images - Sensor dirt unfortunately is often only discovered once the images are viewed on your computer.

Luckily there is a simple technique to remove them without leaving any traces that they were ever there. The healing tool in Photoshop 7 and higher completely covers up any marks by seamlessly replacing the pixels with others from your image.

The Curves Tool
Photoshop Tips - The Curves Tool

Use the Curves Tool To best effect - The curves palette in Photoshop is a powerful tool and is something every photographer should get to know and use regularly to strengthen and balance the shadows and highlights in their images. This curves tool along with the Levels Tool will enhance your images and turn them into vibrant pictures.

Photo Library Preperations
Photoshop Tips - Photo Library Preperations

Prepare Images for photo libraries - If you plan to sell your photographs via photo libraries there are a few rules to follow to make sure your images are accepted.

Use these Photoshop tips to make sure your images meet the requirements first time and start to earn yourself some income from your work.


Photoshop Tips - Resolution

Understand Resolution - Can someone explain resolution to me?

That was my cry when I first went digital. Find out what it is and how it affects the quality of your images and their ultimate printing sizes.

Also covers:

  • Print resolution
  • Screen resolution
  • Scan resolution
Sharpen Images
Photoshop Tips - Sharpening

Understand the Sharpen tool - If your images appear a little blurry, there is a Photoshop tool that can sharpen them and help to make the image appear clearer: the unsharp mask.

Get to know it and use it carefully to give your images that extra crispness. This tool is particularly useful if you are intending to print your images large. It will make your image stand out from the rest.

Add A Watermark
Photoshop Tips - Watermarks

Add a watermark to your images - If you are planning to display high quality images of your work online, you may want to protect them from being used illegally by adding a watermark to them.

This Photoshop tip will help you add a simple text watermark and record it as an action for ease of use for all your images.

Photoshop Tips - Infrared Images

Create an Infrared image - Infrared images can be dramatic and rather surreal and can turn a rather average image into a stunning one. Use Photoshop to create a dramatic Infrared affect.