Useful Photoshop Tools
Remove Blemishes From Your Images

One of the most useful Photoshop tools to come about in the last few years is the healing brush. This tool is designed to clean up marks on smooth areas of your images that sometimes appear if your sensor has dirt on it.

It is rather frustrating when your sensor gets dirt on it and you don't notice until you review your images. The dirt usually shows up the most on your images in bright smooth areas such as sky and cloud.

They show up as either little black specks or strands of hair.

Luckily your images are not ruined and you can usually easily remove these blemishes by using one of the new Photoshop tools, the healing brush, which is found on the tools palette.

Here is the process for using this tool to achieve the cleanest results.

As you can see there are two rather nasty black marks in the sky area of this picture.

1. First, zoom in on your area that needs cleaning.

Photoshop Tools - Image by Kate Tilmouth

2. Locate the healing brush tool from the tools palette. Once you click on the tool you will see a new menu bar appear at the top. This is where you will adjust your setting for this healing brush tool.

Photoshop Tools

Photoshop Tools

3. Click on the brush option in this new tools menu to select your brush size. It is best to leave the hardness setting to 100% but you can choose which size brush you want by using the slider next to the diameter setting.

4. Now return to your image, you are now about to set the sampling area. This is the area that tells the computer which area to use for comparison. Move your curser to a place near to the mark that is clear and matches the area around your mark. Hold down the alt key and click, you will see that a crosshairs symbol appears. You have now chosen this area as your sample area.

5. Release the alt key and place your curser over the blemish. Now hold down the click button on your mouse and move your curser completely over the mark. Try to do this in one go. When you let go of the click button the tools will replace pixels from the sample area over the blemish.

Photoshop Tools

The healing brush is one of the best of the Photoshop tools to be developed, as it is so affective at blending the pixels so well.