Highways - Inspiring Photography Art
In The Urban Landscape.

Highways, motorways, autobahns whatever you call them where you live, they are in every urban landscape and are often overlooked as subjects for the photographer.

Well I must admit that I thought so too, until I saw these amazing images and discovered that with a little use of the imagination and good composition, these great gray swathes of concrete and monotony can make very interesting and eye catching photos.

I have dabbled a little with motorway photography in the past but have not taken it that seriously.

However I will be exploring this area of urban photography further in the future as I explore more urban and city landscapes which will take me on many stretches of highway.

Highways Project Examples

Highways In the Urban Landscape by Andrew Stawarz

Andrew Stawarz has created what is for me a great pastiche of a 1970's picture postcard using a stretch of modern motorway.

His use of affects to create the over saturated and strong contrasting image has brought the greens and blues of the image out which was the classic look of photography in the 70's

I can almost imagine the words 'wish you were' here written across the top.

The photograph shows the viewpoint of the driver on the highways just as the traffic begins to slow down and form a jam.

You can sense the impeding gloom of the situation but I find that this is canceled out by the stunning expanse of the sky, which pulls the eye up away from the road.

Highways Flyovers by Larsz

Larsz has gone for a completely different aspect of the highways, concentrating more of the structures you encounter along your journey.

The tangle of crisp new white concrete bridges have formed a visually intriguing formation that contrasts against the straight long road running through the center of them.

The picture is balanced well with the gray of the road broken up by the whites lines of the bridges and then topped off by the rich clear blue of the sky.

The feel of the image is of a very clean, crisp, fresh one, with an almost clinical ambiance that allows the viewer to experience the picture in his or her own way without any narrative supplied by the photographer.

Urban Photography Highways by Placid Casual

I like the way Placid Casual has used a motorway as a backdrop to this photograph rather than make it the central focus.

However the overall feel of highways and their sense of busyness and rush have been caught by the use of a slow shutter speed producing the light trials of the speeding cars on the road below.

The shutter speed has also allowed for much more light to be captured in the fading gloom of the evening, also helping to illuminate the bicycle against the railings in the foreground.

I like the juxtaposition of the speeding cars on the road and the stationary bicycle, illustrating two very different modes of modern day urban transport.

Speeding Highways by Monsieur J

My last image is a rather unusual choice to illustrate highways in photography art, but I felt that it gave another completely different aspect of capturing an image whilst on the move.

This photograph by Mosieur J has obviously been taken from the front passenger seat and has used the wing mirror as a way to display the road they are traveling on.

It has also captured the sense of driving into the night as the sun fades behind them and its last rays are shown in the mirror on the road behind them.

I also like the way the center image in the mirror looks still and clear whilst the road around them is blurred and flashing past, a very steady hand must have taken this picture along with a fast shutter speed.

This a good example of the creative eye of the photographer seeing a different viewpoint and being able to take the opportunity to create a great photograph with the help of today's accurate and easy to handle camera technology.