Photography Tip Videos
Using Exposure

Getting the exposure right is fairly easy these days with modern digital cameras. The automatic camera settings are very good at assessing the light conditions to ensure your photograph is exposed correctly.

However there are situations where the camera can be fooled and get the settings wrong, or you may simply prefer a darker or lighter image. Getting the right look and feel for your images is important and luckily it is easy to alter camera settings to achieve your desired effect.

This short photography tips tutorial will show you how easy it is to make changes to camera settings.

How To Brighten Exposures.

This Video from DLSRTIPS.COM shows you how brighten exposures in your photography.

Photography Tips to Brighten Up Your Images.

  • Always check the histogram on your camera rather than trust the LCD display that can give a false representation of your image.
  • Use Program Mode
  • Set the exposure compensation on your camera to a positive value to deliberately overexpose the shot. Keep increasing the number until you achieve the brightness level you require. Make sure you reset your compensation setting back to normal afterwards.