Photography Video Tips

Composition or arranging your subjects in your scene so that they have a pleasing effect can be one of the hardest things to do or the easiest depending on your creative abilities and experience.

When I first started to take pictures I found that my images were lifeless and rather dull. They had no focus or shape and left the viewer wondering what they should be looking at.

I found the more pictures I took the more my eye became trained in seeing the image through the viewfinder and positioning subjects became instinctive rather than something I had to worry about. It really is practice that makes perfect and this video illustrates perfectly how by looking at others work; you can train your own eye to compose an interesting and arresting image.

Even though this video is 11 minutes long it really is worth viewing all the way through.

Effective Photo Composition.

This video from 'fubdog' shows how compose your photographs effectivly.

Arranging Your Image Tips

  • Ask yourself why you are taking the picture; it will help you to focus the image on the right subject.
  • If people are the main focus of the image, move in or zoom as close as possible.
  • Use the rule of thirds to help you compose your image. Imagine the viewfinder is divided into thirds vertical and horizontally and place the main subjects either on the lines or where they meet.
  • Check the background; make sure there is no clutter or unwanted items in the frame.
  • Don't be afraid to move your physical position to get a better arrangement.
  • If taking extra large or small subjects place something smaller or larger nearby in the frame to emphasize scale.