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Using Image Blur To Add Impact To Images

Using Image blur to add impact to your action shots is a good way to give your images a sense of motion and life.

When taking shots of fast moving subjects such as sports or speeding cars on the road most photographers prefer to freeze the action to give a clear view of what is going on. However there may be occasions where the adding of blur will actually enhance the image and help to illustrate what is going on better.

For instance if you want to create an image that shows the hustle and bustle of busy people on the streets or perhaps speeding cycles in a street rally, then adding blur or should I say keeping blur will help to illustrate this.

How To Blur Action Shots

This Video from DLSRTIPS.COM shows you how to achieve selective blur in your photography.

Photography Tips to Blur Action Shots

  • If your camera has an inbuilt anti shake facility you should turn this option off.
  • Use The Shutter priority mode
  • Use a slower shutter speed that will blur the action. 1/60 is a good starting point. If you want more blur in the background, use a slower shutter, such as 1/30 or 1/15.
  • Follow the subject through the viewfinder as you take the picture. Make sure you keep moving the camera as you press the button.