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Documentary Photography Tips

Documentary photography is all about telling a story that illustrates the events of the day. This is what photo journalists do everyday for their newspaper copy but in their case they only need a few pictures to illustrate the story.

For the rest of us documenting our environment or our special trips needs to have more content to be able to fully get over to either the viewer exactly what was happening at the time.

Many good photographic exhibitions I have attended over the years have been about certain events that have taken place and they have been a wonderful way to experience something that I would never have been able to experience for myself, for instance a trip to the Antarctic or a war zone.

This video takes you through how one photographer decided to document their holiday trip using not just the regular shots of landmarks etc. but in the every day things they did and saw and even handled. It gives a good insight into how photography can be used to explore the world around us by showing the detail of the every day.

Documenting Events Around You.

This video from 'fubdog' shows how to document events around you.