Industrial Landscape Photography Art

The industrial landscape infiltrates our urban environment more than we realise. Gas works or gas containers for instance, are as much a part of our cities and towns as are roads and street lighting.

Here in the UK I have noticed that gas works are often half hidden behind other buildings and you may only get fleeting partial glimpses of them in the distance, as they loom high above the rooftops.

As photography art subjects, gas works are certainly a good choice to add interest and majesty to an industrial scene photograph.

They come in many different shapes and even colours around the world and the old Victorian ones constantly change in appearance as they empty of gas, revealing their decorative outer cage.

Industrial Landscape Project Examples

Industrial Landscape Gas Cylinders by kate Tilmouth

I took this first photograph of an old Victorian Gas Works simply because I liked all the verticals in the image from the side struts of the cylinder to the white railings, which draws the eye away into the picture.

It was a very bleak day with a total white sky, which I decided to emphasize by toning the picture to make it more stark and to break the picture up into three layers of colour tone.

The top layer being very pale and the water in the bottom third of the photograph becoming almost completely black.

Industrail Landscape Factories by Skycaptaintwo

When I first saw this photograph by Skycaptaintwo, I just couldn't take my eyes off of it. This is photography art of an industrial landscape at its best I think.

The photograph completely captures the feel of the industrial nature of the structure, it says, power, urban, grim, even a little bit menacing.

The outline of the towers are emphasised beautifully against that rich golden dramatic sky, which in itself adds to the over all effect of the image.

The sky also adds texture and detail to the otherwise blank central image. The two compliment each other well.

Industrial Landscape by Allegri

I'm not sure where this next photograph was taken (by Allegri), but I liked the way the industrial landscape has been viewed behind fencing and at an almost devious angle as if the photographer was trying to hide from the rusty old beast.

I think the rich blue sky and harsh light has helped to create lots of dark shadows, picking out the various pipes and emphasizing the overall cylindrical shape of the tower.

The composition of the picture is good too, as you first see the blurry fence in the foreground then your eye quickly moves on to the tower, which is sharp in focus.

Gas Works by Ulybug

This last photograph (by Ulybug) illustrates beautifully how well the industrial landscape can work well with the natural world.

I think this is often why these giants of iron and steel can almost disappear in our urban spaces, as they blend in with their surroundings.

I like the way the photograph has been composed in thirds going diagonally across the image. Each area with a completely different and contrasting subject.

Despite the main image being a steel hard structure its circular shape seems to mimic the soft natural edges of the clouds and tree and creating and over all feel of calm and tranquillity.