Construction Cranes In Urban Photography

Construction cranes are everywhere these days; it seems quite rare not to be able see one on a daily ba and I will freely admit to always having a slight feeling of uneasiness whenever I first set my eyes on one.

I don't know if it's their sheer size that effects me like this or whether it's just their remoteness from the usual urban scene, high above everything else.

This uneasiness quickly disappears and their majesty and elegance soon inspires me to want to photograph them in some way.

Their presence on the skyline indicates our ever-changing urban environments and I feel that they create a great opportunity to capture, via photography art, our changing and progressing world in stunning and imposing images.

Construction cranes come in many different colors, size, design and poses; this provides a wealth of different possibilities to frame them against their urban backdrop.

Construction Crane Project Examples

Construction Cranes Photography Art by aaddictivepacasso

With so much glass being used for new buildings it isn't any wonder that this first image of a building crane has used it as its focus.

I like very much the way the lines of the cranes arms have been broken up into a more fluid image.

The glass window has also broken up the photograph into lots of small pictures, creating many small images in their own right.

The photograph taken by Addictivepacasso has a very abstract feel about it and the crane gives a sort of other world alien impression to the whole image.

I like the way the photograph has been framed, not quite straight on and with the two cranes facing in opposite directions leading your eye up and out of the picture.

Urban Photography Cranes by Kate Tilmouth

This is one of my own photographs depicting a building crane. As you can see the sky was rather gray and dull that day, leaving the water in the dock also rather lifeless.

I remember seeing the crane's reflection in the water and liking the way the ripples of water broke up its hard outline, but still being obviously a construction crane.

To make the image a more interesting one I made sure to include the colorful reflections of the buildings along the water side to add contrast to the gray sky reflection.

City Landscape Crane by Tankawho

'Ka-pow'! that was my first reaction to this stunning depiction of a crane against an evening sky. Tankawho has framed the silhouette of the construction crane against the golden sky in the photograph perfectly.

The lines of the crane are very crisp and clear and the way the arm is almost horizontal in the frame gives the whole image a very dynamic effect.

The camera would have had to take its light reading on the bright sky behind the main image, to make sure that the crane was completely in black silhouette.

At the same time it was important to make sure that the crane was still kept in sharp focus.

City Photography Cranes by Boliston

This photograph by Boliston says alien invasion to me. The various poses and differing colors of the construction cranes add to the effect of creatures attacking our urban industrial buildings.

The vivid unnatural blue of the sky also gives it an alien landscape feel.

The photographs colors have a very strong contrast, which has burnt out the sun in the center giving the picture a hot end of the world feel.

The framing is good too as the cranes march in from the left advancing on the small squat building.