Industrial Buildings Photography Art

Industrial buildings such as factories are great subjects for the urban photographer with both external and internal view providing many different opportunities for a good photograph.

Where I live there are some wonderful old industrial areas with many used and disused buildings stretching back to the early 1900's.

Most of them are hidden behind wire fencing or other more modern buildings and can be quite difficult to get to. They have old brickwork or art deco features that would make great photographs.

New industrial sites also provide many great opportunities for urban photography, especially silhouetted against the evening sky.

I have a big liking for horizontal and vertical lines in my photographs and old factories etc have them a plenty, as many have pipe work strapped to the outsides.

If possible try to get as close as you are allowed to these buildings as often a lot of interesting detail is missed from a distance. It also allows for more unusual angled shots to be taken, giving the picture a more dramatic feel.

Industrial Building Project Examples

Industrial Buildings by Abulicmonkey

Abulicmonkey has used these giant industrial chimneys against a fantastic late evening sky to create a wonderfully captivating image.

The last rays of light are just visible in the centre of picture and along with a few streetlights have created a powerful glow of blues and oranges.

A slow shutter speed must have been used to capture as much of the remaining light and to create the light trails from the vehicles.

The light trials either side of the picture draw the eye into the centre of the picture leading you straight to the dark outlines of the smoking chimneys.

I love this picture and it illustrates well the use of industrial buildings to create an aesthetically pleasing image that could grace any wall.

Industrial Photography by Wilihybird

Whilihybird has used a black and white image to convey the starkness of these industrial buildings. A grain affect has also been used to add texture to the photograph adding to the grittiness of the subject.

I like the contrast of imagery in this photograph, the very urban foreground with all the various white and grey buildings.

Then you move to the centre where chimneys blow white smoke into a bland pale sky and lastly a more rural almost invisible country area in the distance.

This creates three very distinctive areas, breaking the photograph up into almost equal thirds.

Industrial Photography by Poolie

I can see why Poolie decided to take this picture. Just look at all that movement caused by the various horizontal, vertical and diagonal pipes draped all over this industrial site.

It certainly takes your eye all over and through the image.

The light is also rather soft which allows the greys and the browns to almost blend seamlessly into each other, whilst at the same time giving the photograph a lot of colour interest.

Industrial Buildings by Tim Shortt

Industrial buildings at nighttime are often forgotten subjects, often hidden in complete darkness. However Tim Shortt has spotted a great opportunity with this image of a rather ordinary factory building bathed in a blue light.

Whether the blue hue was added or highlighted to the image I cannot say but the over all effect is a good example of just what a little bit of photography art can do to enhance even the most mundane subjects.

The photograph has also been improved by the angle of the shot. A straight on framing would not have had as much interest but by including a small triangle of blue night sky he has added a splash of colour that mirrors the overall feel of the picture.

This building would have also caught my eye as I like all the tiny square windows and square brickwork too and that is what makes this industrial building such a good subject for the urban photographer.