Famous Photographers
Karl Schmolz - Architectural Photographer

"Objectivity is of the very essence of photography, its contribution and at the same time its limitation..."
Paul Strand"
Architectural Photographer - The Cologne Opera by Karl Schmolz

Karl's father was an architectural photographer and this ensured that he was exposed to photography from an early age.

Karl Schmolz was born in Weissenhorn, Germany in 1917 and began to practice photography art from the age of 15. During his early career he took pictures for many of the leading architects of the time.

Architectural Photographer - Hohenzollern Bridge by Karl Schmolz

Architects such as Adolf Abel, Bruno Paul, Dominikus Bohm, Wilhelm Riphahn and Rudolf Schwarz.

The onset of the Second World War meant that Schmolz had to give up photography while he served in the army. However on his return he took to using a large-format camera to document the rebuilding of Cologne after the wartime damage.

Although primarily shooting architectural subjects, he also began to take on a much broader set of assignments, often in connection with advertising. This work was varied but photographing furniture became one of his major projects. His portfolio has therefore become a documentary of living in Germany over a thirty-year period.

Architectural Photographer - Rheinisch Westfalische Bank, Treppenlauf by Karl Schmolz

Karl Schmolz married another photographer, Walde Huth and together they set up the "Schmolz + Huth studio, which also concentrated on fashion and portrait photography.

The last assignment undertaken by Schmolz was of pictures of the new Museum Ludwig in Cologne. Although he was unable to complete it, his test shots had already captured the main focal points of the building, thus setting the bar for the next photographer to take on the project.

Karl Schmolz died in Lahnstein in 1986.