Airport Photos
Urban Photography Art Project

Airport photos can be exciting and dynamic if approached with a creative eye and with some unusual angles and viewpoints.

They are always exciting places to be and the buzz of the place usually rubs off on me, making me become a little more adventurous with my photography art.

Due to the recent terrorist actions around the world, airports now have very tight security precautions.

Where before you could stroll around taking pictures unchallenged, it is now advisable to make sure in advance that the particular airport you wish to attend will be happy for you to take photographs.

Photography Art Airport Project Examples

Airport Photos Picture by Yuyawer Masako

This first image by Yuyawen Masako was chosen because I simply loved the colour hue and untypical view of an aircraft.

Rather than choosing to photograph the whole plane, he has chosen to use the tail as a sort of suggestion of an airport.

The grainy effect and the simple colours give the image a sort of other world atmosphere, whilst at the same time creating a rather pleasing and attractive composition.

Choosing to crop the image into a square has also made the final image more interesting and has worked well with the horizon and back of the plane on the same level.

Airport Photos Picture by Dion Gillard

This second image by Dion Gillard is very eye catching and colourful and illustrates the new architecture of modern airports around the world.

The image captures the rushing and busy nature of an airport with the blurred motion of the passengers along a very reflective and futuristic corridor.

I like the perspective of the image as you feel as if you are also being carried along the passage; this is helped by the strong lines within the image.

A good shot that epitomizes the feel of airport photos of old, whilst illustrating the new and vibrant colours and designs of modern architecture.

Airport Photos Picture by Defrostea

This third picture taken by Defrostea grabbed my attention as soon as I saw it. It is a colour photograph but it has very muted tones, which almost make it look black and white.

This was due to the exposure being taken from only the light reflected in the floor, throwing everything else into shadow.

Although the floor appears to be the main area of focus the figures in the picture are quite sharp and there is a good depth of focus to the image giving it lots of interest.

I love how the photographer has used the reflections of the figures in the shiny floor as the main focus, giving the picture a very different feel of an airport lounge.

The use of a wide angle and the un-crowded composition has certainly made this photograph a very striking image.

Airport Photos Picture by DNC

This last picture by DNC was taken on a moving floor and I think has been framed in a very creative and vivid way.

Notice how the center of the shot contains a figure in the distance that gives interest and a place for the viewer to seek out.

The use of the lights as lead in lines to the center of the image makes the viewer feel drawn into the image and also gives the illusion of movement and even speed.

A really well composed image with plenty of movement, symmetry and light to have created a new way to show that airport photos need not be predictable or boring.