The Street Scene A Wealth
Of Urban Photography Opportunities

The street scene is as varied a source for urban photography as anyone could want.

What more can you ask for but an ever-changing landscape of interest and colour.

It is also a subject matter widely available to everyone, every day; you simply have to train your eye to see the images within the chaos and crowds.

I am going to focus in on street music to illustrate just one aspect of a street scene.

Mainly because it is such a fascinating feature of our daily urban lives but also because it is such an entertaining experience for both the photographer and the viewer alike.

Street Scene Project Examples

Street Scene by Khanster on Flickr

This first photograph was taken by Khanster and depicts a single figure playing a trumpet for money. I love the simplicity of composition and colour.

Although this is a colour photograph the frame has been arranged so as to limit the colour palette to include mainly the blacks and greys.

The main focus is therefore the bright red of the lining of the case.

The main figure has also been deliberately placed off centre in the frame; this gives space for the eye to explore the image and adds to the over all feel of simplicity.

This is what I would call a well-spotted photographic opportunity, not only as the photographer framed the picture well but has also seen the possibility of a good image. They have seen the small areas of red in the picture, his hat, his bag, the case, even the red pillar box behind the railings and has taken advantage of them to create a very compelling photograph.

Musician Street Scene by Shioshvili on Flickr

This second street scene of a musician by Shioshvili has a completely different feel even though essentially it still has only one main character.

This has a lively energetic feel that has been caught by the camera with the use of isolating the main character but keeping the onlookers behind, in frame.

This shows that there was some interaction between the main character and his audience, which can be a difficult facet to capture in street photography.

The depth of field used has allowed the main character to remain in focus while blurring the background.

Street Photography by Franco Folini on Flickr

A less candid shot for the third street scene but still one involving a street busker. This time though the subject is fully aware they are being photographed and are actively posing for it.

This image was taken by Franco Folini who has decided to use black and white to emphasize the grimness of the street and perhaps the subject too who is using everything but a musical instrument to make music.

This is a very natural looking photograph and is easy to view. I think it is because the photographer has taken the shot from the subject's eye level rather than pointing their camera down on them.

This makes it more engaging to the viewer and allows us to be a part of the scene rather than just an onlooker.

Street Scene Muscians by Xurde on Flickr

This last image by Xurde has been given the high contrast and colour saturation treatment and I love it. It has made the scene very vibrant and appealing to view.

There is plenty of movement in this street scene that has been emphasised by the angle of the camera pointing along the street capturing both the musicians and also the every day street vista.

The photographer has used the colourful street signs and lights to give animation and familiarity to the picture, allowing the viewer to feel comfortable but excited by the scene.

I love the use of the boy in the bright orange shirt right in the foreground but off centre to add that little splash of colour and extra interest to the composition.