Train Stations Are Great Places
For People Pictures

Train stations pose the photographer a few problems both creatively and technically.

There are many places where there is low light and not enough space to be able to set up a tripod to combat this.

There is also the issue of not being too obtrusive and finding yourself in situations where you may be challenged by passengers and staff alike.

However there are now very small compact cameras that can be used in very crowded conditions and are so insignificant that you can often not be detected when using one.

They also now have some very sophisticated options that can be used to combat low light conditions too, which makes train stations a far more viable place to take your people pictures.

Train Station Project Examples

Train Stations by Kate Tilmouth

I took this first photograph several years ago on the London underground. I found it amusing the way big white arrows had to be painted on these high tech pieces of equipment to tell people which way to walk.

I also really liked the art deco ceiling and light in the background and thought that it made a nice contrast with the shiny modern machines.

I knelt on the floor to get this shot which was easy to do, as you can see there wasn't many people around, which in London train stations is quite a rare thing to find.

Although this is a colour photograph, the image has a very limited palette of colours. I punched up the contrast slightly afterwards to make the blues richer and more vibrant, but apart from that I made no other changes.

Train Station by Jimmy Harris on Flickr

Jimmy Harris has taken a photograph that shows the elongated aspect of train stations, by using the building and the waiting train as the viewpoint for this image.

I like how the train is right up to the front of the picture; you can almost hear the engine humming.

They say that the eye naturally looks at the centre of the picture first then goes off to the left and then upward.

This image sits well with the theory, as you first see the people in the centre, then your eye moves to the train on the left and then up to the fantastic cylindrical shiny roof of the platform.

Escalators by DoubleP1 on Flickr

This next image is by Doublep1 and shows a completely different aspect of a station, the people and the escalators.

Who can fail to notice the banks of moving stairs in these places, they can be quite fascinating watching how people behave on them.

This image has captured brilliantly those few moments where people have to stand still and occupy themselves, the body postures tell a hundred stories.

The whole frame has been taken up with the subject and capturing the kissing couple in the middle brings a focus to the image.

The colours look as if they may have been boosted slightly and the contrast has been pushed up a little which I think helps to give the picture a real sense of fun and artistic flare.

Man Waiting For a Train by Tony_V on Flickr

Of course train stations are all about waiting for a train and this next photograph by Tony-V illustrates this well, whilst at the same time producing a really captivating artistic image.

The use of a slow shutter speed to show the train as a blur as it speeds through the station whilst the man is perfectly in focus, really gives the picture it's dynamics.

The man being slightly off centre helps create a more pleasing composition. A great example of how photography art can turn an often dreary urban environment into a compelling visual experience.