Camera Accessories
Increase Your Digital Cameras Capabilities

These unique camera accessories will increase your digital camera's capabilities. Some early digital cameras lacked adaptability (and even some of today's more advanced units) things such as:

  • Very limited zoom capabilities (typically 1-3x, sometimes augmented by so-called "digital zoom")
  • No lens barrel threads for the addition of external lenses and filters
  • "See-through" viewfinders that often don't frame the image accurately, coupled with LCD displays that are difficult to use while composing images, especially in bright light
  • No provisions for taking pictures with devices like microscopes and telescopes

These camera accessories were designed specifically to overcome some of these problems and at a very low cost.

- $ 20.00
Xtend-a-Scope lets you easily attach your digital camera to a telescope or microscope.

- $ 21.00
Xtend-a-Sight mount allows you to take fast-action photos without expensive equipment.

- $ 24.00
Xtend-a-Lens lets you add filters and lenses to your digital camera with a wide variety of lens adapters.

- $ 30.00
The Xtend-a-View Pro Variable version covers the digital camera's LCD viewer and makes it easier to see your subject - even in bright light.

- $ 26.00
Xtend-a-Mount accessory bracket lets you attach your photosolve Xtend-a-View Pro viewer to your camera without the use of Velcro.

- $ 65.00
Xtend-a-Slide lets you make digital copies of 35mm slides with your digital camera - film quickly and easily.

- $ 100.00
Digimount lets you connect your digital camera to your telescope or spotting scope.

The Wing
- $ 49.00
The Wing provides your Nikon CoolPix camera with more stability and easier access to tripods.

- $ 234.00
The OpticZoom 5x zoom lens system allows you to capture ultra-close-up telephoto shots with your digital camera.