Printer Paper
Photo Printing Choices

Choosing the right printer paper for your Photos will ensure that you achieve the best feel and mood for your image. You may want to produce an image that feels like a painting or an image with lots of contrast, the paper used will greatly enhance these effects.

Papers come in a wide variety of thickness, texture shine and even whiteness. As a general rule the basic characteristics of printing papers are:

Gloss Printing Paper

  • A very popular choice which has a shiny, polished surface
  • Gives the image a very clean and classy look.
  • Gives great depth to the colours and shadow areas.

Silk Or Pearl Printing Paper

  • Has a matte finish with a slight texture to the varnished surface.
  • Has less glare than Gloss papers and so is ideal for framing.
  • Is less prone to fingerprint marking than gloss.
  • Will take a wide variety of inks.

Matte printing paper

  • Flat surface but is thicker than standard plain paper.
  • Good for high resolution prints.
  • Has a brilliant white surface for good contrast.

Fine Art Printing Papers

  • There are variety of different fine art papers all of which mimic the texture of artist canvases and media
  • They are usually quite thick
  • Prints look less sharp or contrasty than on other papers
  • The right image has to be chosen to suit the paper, still life and portraits work well.
  • Not all home printers are able to accept these thicker papers.