Snapshot - urban Clutter and Crossings

by Kate

Urban Clutter and Crossings

Urban Clutter and Crossings

This snapshot was taken on a cold dark wet night through the window or a London Pub. I was feeling rather downcast and although enjoying a rather nice glass of wine, I was rather bored.

As is the want of human beings, a motorbike rider pulled up right outside my window and parked his huge machine right there on the pavement. Showing off no doubt, "hey look at my big shiny motor cycle, I must be a great guy". I was just about to start moaning in my British way about how selfish etc etc, when I saw this shot through the window.

The reflection of the road crossing in the wing mirror was such a contrast to the dials and metal levers etc that it just stood out and caught my eye.

My camera phone did its best but the light was low and so blur was inevitable. However I still like the shot and it just shows that even amongst the most mundane and boring situations, there is always something of delight.

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